One Guilt-Free Pass to Constraint-Free Day

Published 30 Mar 2017

Constraints. “The state of being restricted or confined within prescribed bounds” (American Heritage Dictionary 2000). All of humans’ natural-bourn lives, we live with them. What can we do? We generally lived in a world of scarcity. We even have special branches of science like Economics to study scarcity of our resources! So imagine, if we could just live off a day without scarcity—for us to spend on whatever we want—how would it be spent?

Definitely first on my list is to hop on the fastest moving vehicle —I will be able to afford that, of course—and reach as many countries in the world within that day. I’ll be toting with me a huge but cool luggage bag, bought from the hottest designer, naturally, with nothing much in it but a few basic travel itineraries (this is living the life so all of them would be those really pricey ones) and a state of the art camera. I would go to the popular tourist spots that up until that day I only read or heard about, and maybe even get a local to show me a more in-depth experience of each country’s culture, snapping away with my camera every chance I get, buying every memorabilia that would remind me of every giddy experience I have had of that day for the years to come, and stuffing it in that relatively empty, huge but cool luggage bag until it’s positively bulging with content.

But of course before that day is over I must and will not forget what is listed in number two on my list: convert to cash whatever is left, go to a reputable bank, fill up a bank deposit slip, give the slip to the teller, and lastly, smile a very wide smile.

I have had my guilt-free pass to a day of constraint-free paradise. But no one ever said that I can’t ever do it again, and again, and again…


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