Poetry Evaluation

Published 21 Jun 2017

There are several ways to analyze and evaluate the thought of a certain poem. Tools such as use of language, metaphors, figurative language and word of choice are some of key components to unravel the mystery of the poem. Poetry is the expression of one’s thought or experience mixed up with drama and alchemy of words. Since these components are the key to decipher the poem, let us first define what these tools are. First, the use of language, this refers to the way the poem was written.

Language usage is the syntax or the sentence construction used by the poet to make his work dramatic and exceptional. The use of language varies from the different experiences of the poet. Most of the time, poems are wrote based on the actual experience of the writer regardless of the severity of the event. Some write about pain and despair while others write about mundane activities. Also the use of language provides style and originality to one’s work. Second are the metaphors. Metaphors refer to the comparison of two things which are in nature not alike but are similar to one another (RHL School, 1999). They are used to provide mystery and make the readers use their imagination into fully understanding the poem.

Metaphors are sometimes used to make a rhyme out of the lines and the syllabication of the poem. Also it does not give out what is the actual thing being described but it has the same thought of the intended object or idea to be projected. Third, figurative language, it is the direct description of a certain idea or object. Words under the figurative language are used to define something that is relevant or climatic in the poem. Figurative language is the subtle way of putting metaphors in the words of a poem but also it provides the same effect of mystery. Lastly, the last component is the word choice. Word choice comes from the writer him/herself. This is based on where he/she grew in, the educational background he or she had or how emotionally intense he or she wants to write the poem. Basically, the components of analyzing a poem are a bit subjective hence these components are still recognized since they are the best determinants to analyze the thought and content of the poem.


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