Primary School Teacher: Measuring their Effectiveness

Published 13 Apr 2017

Teachers play a big role in nurturing the minds of every generation. They are thought to be the second parents of every student who wish to learn and gain something from school. Teachers carry the responsibility of inculcating the basic knowledge in their assigned courses plus some moral values students needed to have in their lives. Plato, Aristotle, Cicero and other mentors in the early centuries are teachers who have proven their worth as teachers by the ideas they left that are still useful up to date. Teachers like them made a breakthrough by which students regard learning as an activity which is funny and enriching. Moreover, teachers are said to be guiding the youth in facing everyday life situations.

Pre – school and primary years of a person can be called a founding ground for the basic and most simple facts of life are then given to students. It is on this stage that the capacity of a person’s memory is at peak and in turn, is a good opportunity to promote the values they need as they grow up. Retention of the knowledge and skills of a student may then be tested here.

The trend of becoming an effective teacher changes nowadays. From the time of the ancient teachers, they are said to be functioning really well despite the criticism they receive from the on-lookers. They even get no payment in return with the significant facts they contribute to the minds of their student. Wages for teachers are a problem today making the number of the people who ought to be helping the nation in molding the youth decreases. If teachers’ ability to pound ideas to their student depends on how many followers and teachers they can make after a number of lectures, the effectiveness of teachers today vary. Academically speaking, teachers are obliged to be teaching the young of the facts they need in order to understand the concept of day or the basic operations in math. However, morally, the strength of their teaching prowess may be measured through the number of youth that commits crime after schooling. Generally, there should be set standards to measure their effectiveness thus devising ways to improve teaching strategies.

It is important that teachers are given their specific roles in the society. Evaluating performances of teachers 30 years ago up to now is a very important part of fulfilling the nation’s needs in the learning process of every child. This study will deal in gathering the standards of measuring the effectiveness of every primary school teacher. Psychology and school journals must be used in giving the important things to consider in teaching. Moreover, facts in retaining memory must be noted thus suggesting more effective ways in giving the youth a good grasp of information in their primary school years.

This study will be conducted at the start of the academic year, taking note some observations of the students and the teachers. They will be given of no clue that they are being observed in order for them to act naturally on the day of the survey. The activities they make with their will then be evaluated thus giving the evaluator the idea of how the teachers are giving the students ideas regarding the subject and for instance about life situations.
It must be noted that the evaluator will need to ask permission to the principal but not with the teachers who will be observed for the study. This study will take a year for completion since the primary school students will also be observed. The main observation must go with the academic status of the students thus evaluating their personalities at home.

The only limitation for this research is the availability of the author in the execution of the plans. At the end of the year, there must be a questionnaire or survey that will determine the methods of the teacher that are effective in the learning process of the students. Moreover, there should be a target number of teachers to be observed so as not to complicate gathering of data.

Teachers’ roles are very important in our society for they are the sources of the youth’s foundation in relating and dealing with life.

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