Property rights essay

Published 16 Mar 2017

Property rights may differ in the subject that it was dealing with. There are different concepts of property rights associated with food collectors, horticulturalist, pastoralist and that of industrialization. In food collectors, property rights are dealt in a way that there must be consent in the government or in the indigenous community in order to access the food supply. The refusal or consent may depend on whether it would enhance their community or pose hazard on the people and the society.

Another concept dealt with the usage of the genetic material as an example. It must conform to the established patent laws and whether it is to be used commercially or academically while in horticulturalist, it mainly dealt to the provision of granting legality to own property rights by plant breeders(Reeve). In horticulture, plant breeding is one of the key aspects. It entails long years of trial and error method, that is why plant breeders are so much honored to breed a plant to be named after them.It differ in the concept of pastoralist in the sense that property rights concerning them are mostly based on the ownership of land and not specifically to ownership of a certain plant specie or access to food supply(Reeve). In industrialization the difference was mainly for the right to acquire revenue and power. This can be explained in by the fact that in industrialization the purpose of venturing to a certain industry is to acquire benefits and the greater the benefits or revenues acquired the more power is achieved.(Encyclopedia)

In summary, concepts of property rights can be explained in a way that they are used and the differences can be due to the(Encyclopedia) factors that each and every industry would face.


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