Responsibilities and Roles of Directors

Published 17 Mar 2017

There are several roles and responsibilities that Directors have to assume in a Corporate Business and some of these include the following: It is the Directors responsibility to: establish the company or organizations mission and purpose for without doing so may direct everybody in the company in the wrong direction; choose the Executive since picking the best leader will positively affect the performance of the whole organization; support the leader and evaluate his or her performance because constructive criticisms will be very helpful for him to become a better leader and so that he or she can motivate his or her subordinates as well; guarantee that useful organizational planning is carried out; make sure that resources are always sufficient; effectively handle resources; establish and keep an eye on the products/programs/services offered by the company or organization in order for it to be properly maintained or improved upon; increase or improve the “open image” of the company or organization to encourage, influence and persuade the clients to patronize the companys products or services; as well as evaluate his or her own performance or if he or she is able to carry out the aforementioned responsibilities (McNamara, 2007).

Also, the Director ought to: promote its own services and/or products by ensuring its legal existence which is eventually for the purpose of “providing continuity for the company”; assign the best chief executive who is able to handle administration of the company; assess or evaluate over and over the policies and objectives set by the organization in order to make sure that the policies may be attained and objectives be fulfilled; guarantee that the budget or capital is always sufficient enough to keep up with the daily operations of the company; provide the chief executive with the proper “administrative guidance” and serve as a “check and balance” to the aforementioned; and last but not least, decide whether to ask the chief executive to stay in his or her position or to remove him or her and replacing him or her with another one who is believed to better hold the position (McNamara, 2007).


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