Revitalization Movement

Published 15 Mar 2017

As a being in this world, a person could have the advantageous and disadvantageous ability of being able to create a certain change. We have the power to influence change however big or small it may be. It would be advantageous since we could create a change for the best and it is disadvantageous since we could also influence change for the worst.

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A similar concept with what was said above is the concept of revitalization movement. This is usually the religious movement that could create a certain change in society (Smith). It was believed that the religion could pave the way into generating a certain change in the social sphere and in this aspect it could be seen that this could become a certain political movement.

A good example of this movement is the Ghost Dance. This is a ritual among the Indians during the “white” colonization. It was said that this ritual signifies that sometime in the near future, the colonizer will no longer rule the land but they would become part of the land and the land proper ones more (Liggett). This has become a religion and plenty of the people converted to this religion. Their ceremony had ended up in a massacre were numerous Indians died. The uproar that the religion and ceremony had created a change in society since it was a way to get the colonizer to listen. Another example is the Cargo Cults where this religion focuses on the belief that a certain cargo, just like during World War II, from the supernatural would arrive for those who believe (Glines).

The idea here then is that certain changes happen in society by using religious mean. The Ghost Dance Religion had at some point created an unknowingly tumult against the colonist by claiming the religion. The Cargo Cult, on the other hand, had also generated a societal change especially when it comes to war. Revitalization Movement could still extend to a more political pursuit just like the Black Nationalist but this would have to be a pure political movement. What is essential in this concept is its religious aspect.


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