Running Head: H.R. Evaluation for Kulder Foods

Published 04 Nov 2016

Job Analysis Table.

Job Position

Job Tasks

  • Store Manager
  • Employee supervision.
  • Product display.
  • Prepare organizations budgets.
  • Prepare the store procedures.
  • cashier
  • Receive and process payments.
  • Making payments for the company.
  • Establish price of goods, weigh bulk foods.
  • Stock person
  • Pricing of the merchandise.
  • Unloading.
  • Stocking shelving of merchandise.
  • Perform housekeeping e.g. dusting.
  • Specialty Department worker
  • Assists managers in supervision of pricing and displays.
  • Assist sales workers in difficult sales.
  • Inspect goods to be added or reduced.
  • Monitor the expiry of products.

  • Department manager
  • Supervision and coordination of workers in department of retail stores.
  • Evaluate the performance of workers.
  • Plan for working programs like working hours and break periods.
  • Ensure inventory levels are maintained.
  • Bagger
  • Wrapping and carrying groceries for customers to their cars.
  • Cleaning of the stores.
  • Returning goods after customers change their minds in goods selected.

Store manager.

A store manager should specialize in management of the store activities. The compensation strategies to be practiced in his job include improvement of preservation methods. Since most of grocery stores deal with perishable products, they should be preserved to minimize losses in going bad. The stores should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid bad smell products hence attract more customers. This can be achieved through utilization of dustbins, which should be emptied frequently. There should be an invention of new products which are not found in many competing companies which enable fetch of more profits before other companies discovery. A store manager should also ensure effective workflow through ensuring each employee has the necessary requirement like gloves to handle the cold products (Wang N, 1992).


A cashier in a grocery store is termed as a person who deals with the accountability of the financial matters. This job has specific tasks some including making payments to the goods purchased, making payment rolls for the employees and also reception of cash collected. These tasks can be improved through implementation of new strategies like ensuring total security of money because this is the core sector of any economic activity. This can be achieved through utilization of documents like bankers check when making large payments. There should be provision of security guards when both depositing and making withdrawals from banks (Andrews L, 1998).

Stock person.

In a grocery store, this job entails total maintenance of the required stock every time. Some tasks to be implemented includes; ensuring the products in stock are fresh and fit for human consumption. This can be achieved through identification of expiry time using stickers of the expiry date. A stock person should be able to advertise the products through the use of displays to customers. More customers can be attracted by cleanliness. This can be achieved through ensuring products, especially from the farm like vegetables and fruits, are thoroughly cleaned. For daily accountability of the sales, he should practice stock taking in the opening and closing time which assists in the calculation of daily sales (Hawley A, and Mazie S, 1981).

Specialty Department worker.

In every department, there must be an assistant department manager who should be reporting to the manager. To implement new customer service strategies, he should ensure the head of department gets report in time. He should also show employee acceptance whereby employees feel their recognition in the workplace. To achieve this, there should be provision of leaves and a clear show of working and break hours. This motivates them which in turn increase their service. He should also analyze performance in each department and report to the departmental manager for the necessary recommendation (Schippmann J, 1999).

Departmental manager.

This job entails supervision in a given department. It can lead to the collapse of the whole company if not well carried out. To implement such, there should be consideration of reliability, validity, acceptability and usefulness of the products. For instance, in a grocery store, such aspects should be applicable which ensures the customers of getting what they require any time. He should research efficiently on competitive advantage in relation to other opponent companies to know the strengths and weaknesses of their company hence improve on the weak areas. There should be adequate human capital in every department to eliminate pressure in workplace.


This kind of job is in the last section in the grocery store. The tasks involved should be addressed with a high customer care. Such include showing appreciation to customers by thanking them for their service. Wrapping their products and carrying to their cars. Can show customer acknowledgment which in turn increases customers. A bagger should also ensure cleanliness through collection of garbage and dusting which attracts customers highly (Wang N, 1992).


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