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Published 05 Jan 2017

Today’s society is distinguished by its very characteristic of complexity(Lawrence, 2007). The world of today is so fast paced and tech savvy that we humans have to juggle a multitude of roles and tasks in order to lead our lives with a reasonable semblance of order. Thus, welcome to the modern life of today: where u will find one person being a single parent, a white collar worker and taking part in social activities all at the same time.

The same can be said about me. When I was a kid, I never truly appreciated my parents. True, their lives were a bit more sedentary than ours is nowadays but they also fulfilled their roles as parents and workers at the same time. Today, I am a full-time student, a part-time tutor teaching ninth and tenth-grade kids so I can earn some pocket money and have responsibilities for half my household chores. This is all apart from my fervent social activity schedule which only a teenager can have and my hobbies which I will get at later. So I can definitely appreciate people who juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, tougher and more time demanding than mine.

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I had never been a stellar student as a kid but am now quite a hard working student. This is because as I grew up, I realized the importance of studies and how much of their money and leisure time both my parents have sacrificed for me. While applying myself fervently to my studies in the hopes of getting a successful job and succeeding in the world, I have come to realize how hard working I actually am. If I am given a challenge, I can always rise up to it and never compromise on my studies.

Coming to my part-time tuition job, over the passage of time, it has become more of my passion than something I do to earn extra pocket money. I have learned how fulfilling it can be to make someone learn something knew. Plus I have learned patience. Explaining some algebra concept for the millionth time has bought tolerance to my normally tempestuous nature.

I also have responsibility for cleaning the house on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends. Before I started those chores, I never valued my mom’s seamless running of the household. Now when I have to help my mom because age has slowed her down, I realize how tough it can get for a stay-at-home mom even. By giving a helping hand, I have come to realize how seriously I view responsibility.

My hobbies include reading books in this age when reading the word on paper has become something of a dying pastime and writing poetry and essay. I have aspirations of becoming a reporter one day. But these past times have made me realize negative things about my personality also. If I start reading a book, I usually become so immersed in it, I tend to forget the world which leads me into trouble so often. I am also a bit vain about my superior writing skills.

Then there is one issue I feel very strongly about and that is marriage. As I look around me, even though we live in the 21st century, all my friends have one ultimate goal: to get married to some successful guy. Their independence and careers are important to them but obviously, so is finding a good man. I can never sympathize with this 18th-century attitude. And I can also not understand the point of marriage: how can people pledge to bind themselves to one person for an entire lifetime? Isn’t living together enough? My friends do not understand my aversion to what they apparently view as a ‘holy institution’.

So my hobbies and my roles summarize the following about me: I am a hard working, responsible student who has a tendency to forget her chores sometimes. I have learned patience along the way; it was never an innate quality in my case. My vanity often leads me to have an outward appearance of haughtiness and I am not sure whether monogamy is my strong point. Reflecting upon my roles and what they tell about the type of person I am, I realize I cannot be perfect and that people will always find some shortcoming in my character. But I can improve and that is definitely what I plan to do.


Lawrence, A. (2007). Business and Society.

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