Serial Killers

Published 10 Jan 2017

By definition, one is labeled or called a serial killer when he/she murdered three or more people in three or more separate events over a period of time, resulting to his/her great psychological fulfillment and satisfaction. With this definition, anyone can be a serial killer: no race, age, and gender boundaries. Anyone can also be the victim under specified circumstances where the killers are and willing to slay.

Another important term that is necessary to extract its legal definition is capital punishment. Capital punishment is also popularly known as Capital Sentence and Death Penalty. Capital punishment is the decision to put the convicted defendant to death. It is the decision made by a jury in the second phase of a capital case. The defendant, whether to put in capital case or not, is also a factor of the decision of the jury. There are lists of special circumstances in each state on deciding whether to the case into capital or not. Multiple murders are the most common special circumstance that enables the prosecution of capital punishment. Another is heinous slaying and bombing.

Ted Bundy, Tookie Williams, and Charles Manson were all convicted as serial killers. Bundy brutally murdered 30 women and was put to death row for a decade. His handsome face and appealing traits were his investments for luring his victims. According to the various appeals submitted by Bundy, he incorporates violence on women through pornography. He appealed that by perverting his sense of sexual pleasure from pornography, his behavior was molded inclusive of violence on women. Though he lifted the issue on pornography, still in 1989, he was still put to death.

On the other hand, Tookie Williams was convicted and was put to death row over two decades. The evidence on his slaying of Owens (convenient store clerk) and a Chinese couple and their daughter was ‘rock solid’. Though the evidences were ‘rock solid’, Williams until his execution day on 2005 did not claimed the crimes.

Lastly, Charles Manson, as he believed himself as the reincarnation of God, both Satan and Christ, was convicted as a serial killer in 1969 but was not executed by death penalty. Manson killed even an eight month pregnant on his blood rampage in 1969 but still, he was given the parole.

Now, evaluating the three cases of serial killers, Bundy, Williams and Manson did not differ in the manner they slay their victims, for they all convicted as serial killers. All of them killed heinously and vigorously. Bundy is perverted, Williams is a robber, and Manson is reincarnated God and Satan, they do not make any sense of difference. They all killed many people and the lives of their victims were never be replaced y any means. In addition, the families left by their victims suffered too much, in material, time and in psyche, they all deserve to receive justice for their love ones. Like anyone in this world, he/she is entitled to live with security.

Their differences can be recognized only on their alibis and the manner they deliver and support their alibis.

These cases are not an issue of civil rights or humanity like what supporters of Bundy plead. These are an issue of criminal justice system. Almost all, 36 states specifically, in America have legislated the Capital Punishment two years before Bundy was put to death. But unfortunately, Bundy was only put to death after almost a decade. Bundy, appealed and appealed thus prolonged his life. How about his victims? Did the supporters of the defendant ever hear the screams and how the victims scream for help? Did the supporters ever hear when the victims were screaming in pain? Or, did the supporters ever hear how the victims scream and beg just have them continue their lives when in fact it is their right to hold their lives? Their victims died in an unexpected time and an unwanted and unacceptable manner.

The case of Bundy was a failure of the criminal justice system. The Capital Punishment was those times, recognized by all under the constitution. However, 13 states among the 36 states that have legislated Capital Punishment, considered an optional use of the capital. The argument is that, when a law is put into an effect, it must be followed. But here, the criminal justice authority of Florida waited for endless appeals of the defendant who was actually proven guilty.

Consequently, the failure of the criminal justice of Florida costs it $6 million dollars for the excessive imprisonment fees. Because there was a need to enforce Capital Punishment, then the strategy basically was to reduce or limit the appeals. By doing so, the criminal justice authority was able to save time and money by the reduction and limitation of appeals. There has been a mandatory appeal that enables to hasten up the execution process. There is no way that the opponents of the Capital Punishment can argue on the mandatory appeal. The reason for giving so is to eliminate wrongfully convicted inmates.

Dramatically, the supporters of Williams believed that to put him to death is to put an innocent one to death. The supporters believed in him throughout his two decades in death row plus on the day he was lethally injected. In fact according to his supporters that his life was worth saving when he became an anti-gang crusader during the times he was in death row. In addition, his deeds in the death row were recognized by an array of college professors. The Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature were his two noble prize nominations. Further, he co-authored on books for children, as if he was credible.

Deny for clemency was the right thing that Governor Schwarzenegger did because there was a cumulative weight of evidence against Williams. Before the deny of clemency was given, the jury not only found Williams guilty on his crimes but all so raise doubts about him. The punishment of death was constitutional. And when something is constitutional, it can not be easily broken by anyone.

Robert Martin, one who sent the defendant in jail, made a very intriguing argument to the supporters of Williams. According to him, there is no and never will there be an equivalence between co-authoring some children’s book and killing four people.

Killing cannot be forgiven by writing books for books are not equal to the lives of the victims. Money cannot pay lives of the victims, so much more for books as payment for lives.

Under the law, either of God or the State, anyone is never allowed to kill anyone. For Manson’s criminal case, maybe his supporters were sensationalized by his claimed to be the so called ‘incarnated God and Satan’. If and only if the supporters were thinking, they should have realized that there is never a God and at the same time is Satan for the two can never be together: God and Satan are the opposites of one another. As a consequence of the release of Manson and his appearance on television during 1980s and 1990s, the supporters of Capital Punishment were brought to 80%.

Every action has an equal and just consequence and punishment. Therefore crimes also have their corresponding punishment. Bundy, Williams and Manson should have all been executed. Let the truth be revealed from the process of the criminal justice. Once it is revealed, accept it and respect it. The states and each state have established its legislation. And whatever is constitutional, impose it. They are not displays. They are guides and protection of everybody. The laws as well as the rules and regulations are not monsters that will eat the public. Use them as a tool for righteousness. And, be smart enough to know what is true and what is just for everyone: the defendant, the victim, and the public.


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