Tenets of Islam, how Muslim built an empire and the Muslim invasion

Published 13 Mar 2017

Every member of a religion has its own duties, responsibilities and obligations. The Islam religion also has its own duties that each Muslim must carry out. This is called the tenets of Islam. The tenets of Islam are Al- Shahadah(testimony), Al- Salah(prayer), Al- Siyam(fasting), Al- Zakat(almsgiving), and Al Hajj(the pilgrimage). Muslims were able to build an empire, weaken and finally conquer the Byzantine Empire after the massive and numerous invasions they had. They penetrated Europe in many ways such as, in armies, as traders and as explorers. These Muslims were followers of the new religion that started in the seventh century among Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula. They were armies of the new faith and were able to build an empire that stretched from Spain to India with the teachings of their remarkable leader as an inspiration.

Muslims are the followers of the Islam faith. The Muslim invasion brought about Orientalism, a delineation of Eastern cultures in Western Europe. Art, literature and culture prospered as the Islam faith grew and was established in Europe. Islam also conveyed Greek, Sanskrit and Chinese for the many years they conquered Europe. Muslims gained the knowledge of making paper from Chinese which enabled them to develop, put into writing the history, make volumes of books and build libraries. Many things are also attributed to Muslim such as, diplomacy, free trade, and open borders, various types of medicine, arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and even logarithms. Muslim inventors were also responsible for the advancement of first surgical tools, test tubes and compass. Muslims indeed helped and contributed in the development of Western Europe. They brought many ideas, imparted knowledge and shared their skills in various things. In art, literature, medicine and mathematics, it was evident that Muslims had their share in its growth and progress. European Renaissance grew and expanded together with the beginning of the Islamic civilization as the Islam spread and developed in Europe.


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