The Quest For Independence

Published 27 Jul 2016

The quest for independence felt in the heart of a non-Russian nationalism is urgent and constructive hoping to cope up with the perilous time. It was not right that the republic where the nationalist belongs, was driven by forces unfit to justly govern a territory seized for personal interest and lust for power. Thus, it is humbly submitted that the State or the republic must be given independence.

The Socialist Review Index made mention that national oppression of the non-Russian people was extreme and terrible of which strong resistance is evident in the long run (“The Seeds of National Liberation”). Besides, a researcher pointed out that the slogan concerning the right of republics to self-determination was nothing but a strategy to deceive non-Russians (“The Seeds of National Liberation”). What happened was that, when the superior regime noticed that the situation is already stable, the same never fulfilled its promise (“The Seeds of National Liberation”).

A promise of independence that was never fulfilled will create a scar in the hearts of non-Russians of which a long struggle for survival is evident. For sure, the aggrieved segment of society will rebel to the highest level for they felt killed by the oppressive machinations of the people who are in power. Most non-Russians knew that they own the lands and natural resources brutally seized by the superior regime. Apparently, human rights are trampled to the extent of affecting the lives of the non-Russians, which is obviously adding insult to injury.

Why is it so sad that trespassers continue to dominate the lands they cannot call their own amidst forcible seizure of the same? This is because territorial autonomy is a right of every race in a world that is surrounded by political oppressors. It hurts to know that in your own home, where your dreams are supposed to be molded are dominated by outsiders. No one should allow any form of domination within a territory that deserves urgent liberation.

People that are deprived of their own lands deserve freedom from oppression for it was not right to let them suffer forever. It can be said that failure to fight for freedom is utter stupid knowing that all regime that has been founded on the improper use of political power and fraud can be disbanded by strong resistance activities consistent enough to end oppression. The quest for independence should be done with unity and purpose by all non-Russians in order to ensure the freedom as soon as possible. Therefore, freedom can be obtained by long and unified struggle aimed by non-Russians to drive away the oppressors.


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