The Anthro-connection

Published 12 Apr 2017

It is the case that anthropology concerns itself with the study of man in his various facets, by synthesizing the methods of natural sciences in analyzing the various social and psychological phenomena of humans. In addition anthropology not only examines the human being in his cultural and historical undertakings but also in due consideration of the biological aspects of the individual that synthesizes and embeds man in his social reality and physical environment; this perhaps is the strongest link it establishes between the social and natural science.

In anthropological linguistics for example, the concern is not only how language functions in society but also analyzes how biology, cognition and language overlaps and determines human relations and identity. An analysis of a language as it coincides within in a particular culture has to investigate to a certain extent the significance of bio-racial diversity in order to determine the roots of the certain linguistic pattern such a culture adapted.

Physical Anthropology focuses mainly on the biological evolution, variation, and development of humans. The latter cannot be considered as a mere subject of experimentation but requires still the employment of a social science perspective in which biology can be altered based on social and historical growth and progress(Tosaw).

As a study and reconstruction of ancient human behavior, archaeology utilizes scientific methods in recovery and dating of found data. Learning and understanding fossils requires that they take into consideration human anatomy and physiology in order to determine decay and structure (at the least).

Cultural anthropology can still be linked anthropologically to natural science since in cultures it is the case that there are certain environmental and biological features present that determines or influences a society’s culture (Yamada). Take for example, the function of reproduction that may create a norm of heterosexuality which is a cultural/social construct as a derivative of natural sexuality, this may result to the closed view of a culture towards homosexuality.

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