The Causes and Effects of Being Overweight

Published 15 Mar 2017

Are you an overweight person? Or do you know somebody who is overweight? What are the things do you think that have caused of being overweight? And what are the effects of being one? You better to read this paper for you to know the reasons how and why people become overweight and the consequences of being one. People say prevention is better than cure. It is better to have a healthy lifestyle as early as now to prevent ourselves from being overweight. If we are going to define overweight, from the prefix “over” means “in excess of” and connecting that word into the root word which is weight, overweight apparently means excessive weight. Is being overweighted difficult to overcome? The answer is yes, right? Again I repeat prevention is better than cure. For that, this paper will discuss the causes and effects of being overweight to inform the people and to warn them as well about how bad being overweight affect their health and lifestyle as well.

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First, I will discuss the causes of being overweight. There are many reason why there are some people become overweight. The most common thing we know why is that, we eat a lot of food and the calories we get from the food we eat are already excessive that our body cannot convert them all into energy. Thus, those calories will be stored as fats resulting in gaining weight. Less activity, more food intake equals being overweight. There is a notion that people who are overweight are lazy but doctors say that being overweight can be cause by genetic factor. The family poor eating habits may also one of the reasons. Metabolism of a person is one thing to consider. There are some people that have faster metabolism and some are not. If the person has poor eating habits and low physical activities, more consequently that person would become overweight. Sedentary lifestyle can also contribute for being overweight. Because of technology which we say “makes our lives easier”, we are now lacking physical exercises because we tend to get more time in front of televisions and computers. Pregnancy could also be a cause of being overweight. Women will be likely to gain weight during their pregnancy.

There are also socio-cultural factors to consider. Eating in fast foods can lead to weight-gain. Crash diets can also contribute to gain excessive weight. The more you deprive yourself from the food you eat because you want to lose weight, the slower your body metabolism will work. Losing weight should be done gradually because if you crash diet there will come a point where you will break your diet. And because we crash diet, the body is more convinced that your food resources are unreliable that is why it will tend to store more fats, and as result, you gain weight. And because food is always associated with rewards, when one feels boredom or depression, one tends to reward oneself by eating that if it is done frequently may cause weight-gain. Some medical conditions can cause weight-gain. Example of which are hypothyroidism, Cushing disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc. Medication side effects can cause weight-gain too. Some medications which can cause weight-gain side effects are some oral contraceptives, anti depressants, etc. Overall, these are the things that can be the causes of being overweight.

I will now embark upon the consequences of being overweight. Being overweight is really not a good thing to become. There are many health problems that one will encounter if one is overweight. Being overweight and obese are very dangerous. The International Journal of Obesity, the American Obesity Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all agree with that. An increased risk of having different diseases such as gallbladder disease, heart disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia, steoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and even cancer are some of the dangers that overweight people can encounter. People who are overweight also tend to have gout, an impaired immune system, respiratory problems, difficulty healing from wounds, reproductive disorders that cause infertility, liver disease, back pain, gynecological complications, pancreatitis, and incontinence. Also, according to American Obese Association, overweight people have the high risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome. The association found out that 70% of the sufferers of that disease are overweight. In all diseases I have mentioned, cancer is quite alarming. Cancers like cancer of the breast, esophagus, colon, uterus, and kidney are more threatening harms to have by overweight people.

In our todays so- called health and wellness age, overweight people are not on the fad that is why liposuction and other quicker means of burning fats are very in demand right now. Overweight people and those who are not, try to consider these things I discuss to you. As I have said, prevention is better than cure. So, what are you waiting for? Start having a healthy lifestyle NOW.

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