There Was a Child Went Forth

Published 13 May 2017

The essence of childhood is a joyful, enjoyable and carefree life. The poem There Was a Child Went Forth is a depiction of such a kind of life. In a nutshell, below describes the essence of the life of a child ā€“ development of a child exploring the wonders and beauty of nature mingling with friends and playing with pets and animals around as he enjoys the breeze of cold air or playing under the heat of the sun.

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In the course of the poem, the author utilizes a mode of comparison so as to describe the life of child in a more colorful and descriptive manner, describing as it does, emotions, experiences and learnings. Moreover, it creates an active development vis a vis experiences of childhood.

In detail, a child is vulnerable. He relies on his parents for food, for support, for strength who taught him to eat by himself, to play with other kids, to go to school and to learn not to give up when left alone or scolded. He surrenders albeit unconsciously to his parents his future for he knows nothing except the present. All these have become part of him. All these make up what he is.

A child is vigorous. He sees his classmates in school; he meets his friends and play with them; and his friends become part of who he is as a person, who helps him mold his personality and character.

In describing the foregoing, the author compares a child to that of nature, lilac became part of growing up, a full-of-fun days of growing up and learning with curiosity as he explores day to day life mingling with friends and acquaintances as the flowers, trees, fruits and animals come together in one sunny day.

A child is curious. He has so many questions to ask on any matter under the sun. His being inquisitive must be fully satisfied, for it is only then that he stops asking. Moreover, one question breeds another question, and at times, leads to more confusion, and yet, he does not stop there, in fact, an inquisitive child asks more on more questions than ever.

A child easily enjoys simple things, he appreciates every color of a toy, and he appreciates every shade of his toy cars and loves their different shapes. He his fond of sharing them with others, so long as he is having a great time. He is fond of going out in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the heat with his friends. He enjoys the coldness of ice when it is winter and counts on his foot steps while looking at the snowflakes.

These are shown by how a child appreciates nature, and how nature ā€“ the flowers, trees and animals bring beauty, color and vigor to ones life.

A child lives the present but is not stocked at the present. He longs for the future while leaving fully the present. He dreams of being a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a fashion designer, a Hollywood artist or a popular politician.

All these form part of his aspirations or the least, his imaginations, nevertheless, brings beauty and joy to a child’s childhood years.

He sticks to what he is enjoying into and stays in it until he finds another of equal value and importance. He constantly searches for more satisfaction of his wants and devotes most if not all of his time in it. He makes himself an expert of he loves doing.

He is such a beautiful creature of heaven, a gift to everyone. He offers great happiness to his family. He is simply an amazing creature.

The poem fully and perfectly portrays the life of a child – full of vigor, love and happiness. The author describes the life of a child in stages. A child learns something on the first month, the second month and so on; he encounters different and exciting experiences as he grows older in days; he experiences and feels the different colors, the different shapes and figures; all these became part of the child; all these became part of a child has grown and become.

The author uses nature as part of a child. The beautiful scent of flowers of different bright colors, the trees growing and the plants budding ā€“ a depiction of the growth of a child as a person in the same way that trees, plants and flowers grow into different attractive creatures of nature.

The author likens a child into a personal computer, taking in any information it can and end up with a successful program. But highlights his unique character as human as he obeys the commands and advices of his parents, as he deals with persons of different character like the quarrelsome boys and girls in school and the barefoot negroes he passes by. He reacts to the drunkards in the streets.

The author describes the life of a child as full of adventure. A child learns in his tour in the yards, ponds and in different cities and countries. He finds adventure in his dealings in school with the school mistress, with the boys and girls either friendly or quarrelsome.

The poem effectively captures the development of a child from grain to a plant, in the same way that it impeccably compares these creatures to the escapades of an innocent and fun-loving child. The words create a positive impression on a child, a perfect way of illustrating the loveliness of the life of a child.

Moreover, the poem has created a good combination of some elements of nature, the plants, trees, fruits with the beautiful colors with it, a unique and effective combination that is!

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