West Virginia decline economically,education,health and employment`

Published 09 Mar 2017

As far as the united States of America is concerned West Virginia occupies a very unique position.Its economy is one of the most fragile,in comparison, it is one of the states which have the lowest per capita income.Arkansas and Mississipi are almost in the same range with this state as far as per capital wealth is concerned.When it comes to the household income West Virginia ranks among the lowest states.The economy growth which has been recorded is one of the lowest in United states of America,it has recorded an growth of less than one percent for the last three years.West virginia is mostly a rural state with very few resources.The region has very rugged terrain perharps explaining why the state does not do very well economically.Given its growth rates it will be very difficult for this state to catch up with others as far as economy is concerned.(Hammond,G 1996)

This American state has usually recorded a less impressive economic point among the states. There are several factors apart from the terrain that have contributed to its poor performance economically. The Mechanization of the mines and the declining coal resources led to migration from this region, this led to transfer of human capital to other region leaving the state in a bad shape economically. The rugged terrain has hampered mechanization of agriculture and the farm size available for viable farming leading to shifting to other states which offer expansive and level land. Competition from the foreign industries especially those dealing with ceramics has to a large extent reduced the economic competitiveness of this state further hindering economic development. A number of factors have prompted out-migration since World War II. In the 1950s and ’60s mine mechanization and declining coal use contributed to a decreasing demand for labor. Rugged land and limited farm size hampered mechanization of agriculture, and the competitive advantage shifted to states with more level and expansive land. Foreign competition in the glass and ceramics industry also reduced economic opportunity. Increasingly, the lack of flat land for industrial and commercial expansion also has hindered development. (Dykeman, W and Stokely, J 1968 45)

Poor performing economy can not sustain jobs, this is the only state that failed to record improvement in employment in the 1980s.Out migration has been rampant in this state, this has led to the loss of most skilled workforce further giving a big blow to the economy. In comparison the state is less attractive to the investors making job creation to be at a lower level. (Miernyk, W 1970 52)
Education standards are considered to be very low in this state when compared to other states. Statistics show that West Virginia has the lowest number of college graduates. When it comes to the lower grades the state performs dismally compared to other states.(Kaus,M 1995 67)

Health care in West Virginia is in deplorable state, most of the public hospitals are understaffed. They are experiencing a big shortage of healthcare workers putting the lives of the people living in this state to be at great risk. Health care professionals have been leaving the state further making the situation move from bad to worst. Access to the health care is an integral part which contributes to the economic development. Continued loss of the professional health care workers will continue to impact negatively to the economy and the general welfare of this state.
The authorities have to must come up with solutions to the problem afflicting this state, so that it can compete equally with the others in the United State of America.

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