What Do You Consider to be Your Greatest

Published 14 Mar 2017

A.T. Kearney consulting firm is the company in which every finance student would like to work. It opens great opportunities for further skills development and making useful contributions into the field of finance. I have always wanted to connect my life with consulting, and therefore A.T. Kearney consulting company opens perfect opportunities for me. I already imagine how much satisfaction I could get from working in the field of consulting, how much inspiration it could give me, and what outstanding results I could achieve when working there. I went through the difficult path to have acquired the skills I have now. Just yesterday, there were thousands of books read by me in the university library, nights spent when studying, difficult tests written, oral answers given, exams taken, and it was not an easy path for knowledge. However, I was ready to face any trial when studying. I met every new difficulty with even more delight than the previous one because I knew that once I have achieved my goal, I would be able to work in the consulting field which I have always dreamt of. I knew that I would get my pot of gold in the end of the rainbow, and now I’m completely ready to fight for it. The requirements of the A.T. Kearney consulting company are very high and difficult to meet, but I’m positive that I’m the one you are looking for. So, what is

my greatest talent which makes me so distinguished and which makes me competitive with other brilliant candidates? What can make you choose exactly me?
It’s hard to pick up my greatest talent because it’s a combination of many factors. I would say that overall, it’s the talent of being the best in everything. Even if the world gets turned upside down, I will still manage to remain the best in anything I do. I have many features of personality which help me to do that. First of all, the qualities I possess- good communication skills, high determination, great problem solving skills, broad mind, creativity. The list can go on and on. I put all of myself, all of my efforts in the work which I’m involved in, and therefore get outstanding results. Besides, I have a great ability to work in a team, good analytical skills, and lots of energy. All the qualities I possess are very valuable in the field of consulting, and I cannot wait to apply them in it. Most importantly, I have willingness and capability to achieve all the goals, ability to acquire new skills fast. For example, I planned to study computer information system when I was accepted in the Kelley School of Business. Since I have already studied computer programs, network systems, and NT server, this was the easiest choice for me. However, I changed my major to accounting and finance even though at first I have no knowledge about them. In fact, when I have studied accounting at first time, it took me a lot of time and efforts. Despite all the difficulties, I learned faster than other students and got all A grade in accounting and finance classes. The knowledge I got during my studies is now sufficient to be applied to real business world, and the contribution which I can make to the field of consulting is going to be outstanding.

Of course, my life experience which is quite large can also serve as a plus for my personality, and help me in my future job in consulting. I have a great thirst for leadership in any activities I get involved in. For example, I was participating in the pan-flute club in Chung-ang University in Korea, which had an enrollment of over 100 people. During that event I served as a concert planner, and our club performed in three major concerts each year. I made the concert storyboard and selected the pan-flute music. While acting as a concert planner, I learned about leadership, cooperation and teamwork. From now on, I can apply them in any field. My willingness and ability to devote my time to work in consulting is another strength which will help me in further work. I have always wanted to work as a consultant because I love to teach people and help them get better results. For a while, I served as a peer tutor, and I taught students Excel and Access in Computer in Business class. When I was a peer tutor, it was really happy for me to teach and help other students. At that time, I realized that teaching someone and helping them get improved is not only one that I can do best but also worthy one that I can feel happy. Based on my experience, the position as a consultant fits me best and is one that I really want to work in.

After talking so much about my talents, I need to stop at my greatest weakness- it’s my thirst for perfection. There is no way for me to finish an assignment without making sure everything is done in the most perfect way. Oftentimes, there is just a small sketch which needs to be added, but I cannot let it go without that final sketch. It takes lots of time in some situations, therefore I always plan all of my activities carefully and set priorities in order not to neglect the most important of them. I have already learned to transform my weakness into one of my strengths.

All of the life and academic experiences I had prepared me for my future career, and in many ways defined my final choice of consulting. I have many strengths which make me a perfect candidate for the position. Probably my greatest talent- being the best in everything- is one of the major advantages I have. I’m sure the skills which I have acquired already will be very beneficial for the field of consulting, and I’m waiting impatiently to apply them.

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