What I admire about the Anderson & Levy Articles

Published 29 Mar 2017

Religion has always been a pivotal part in the lives of individuals. Regardless of what race and culture people are in, religion is always considered. Judaism and Christianity are two of the religions that are highly publicized nowadays. Anderson and Levi’s s articles about the two religions made me ponder more about much impact religion had on my life.

As I was reading Robert Anderson’s Holy Envy: What I Admire in Judaism, I was struck with one of the passages mentioned. Lev 19:15 was about how justice should be served regardless of who you are, and what you do in life (Levi, 2004). I realized how much this simple passage meant in real life. The technicalities of life may be attributed to the fact that people change as time goes by. The culture that people live in play a pivotal role in how life is being survived by the people

On the other hand, John Levi’s article entitled, Holy Envy: What I Admire in Christianity, the religion is more on the traditional side. I admire the foundation that Christianity has set for its people. The religion was not only focused on the spiritual side of the people, but also in the evolution of learning and being a well rounded individual. As mentioned in the article, much was said and done, but going through life is always a choice that we make (Anderson, n.d.). When we decide to do something, we should always take into consideration its pro’s and con’s. Furthermore, we should always be thankful for all the blessings that have come our way. Regardless of how negatively other people would react, it is our duty and responsibility to make them see the brighter side of everything.

Life is always about standing up for what is right, and always taking into consideration how religion would be part of our daily lives.


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