What I did when I Won the Lottery

Published 29 Mar 2017

I really believed that I will win. Every time I played Powerball, I had a feeling that I am going to win something or the other. I never regretted the losses I made upon losing. Maybe this jackpot was the gift that God me for not regretting the past. When I was informed that I would be a millionaire, I felt like I have got a new life. No more McDonald’s burger now; only steaks and French wine would be able to make it to my mouth.

I was not happy about the taxes I had to pay to the government from the millions of dollars that I won. However, I still managed to pocket $240 million at the end of the day. When I took a taxi to go home after winning the lottery, I was pretty confused and very pleased with myself. I not only felt delighted but also felt blessed. When I thought all the luxurious cars and a house full of servants and lavish furniture, I felt shiver going through my spine. My first purchase after winning the lottery was a T-bone steak and a bottle of Pinot noir from café DeLato near my home. The experience was amazing; I did not even think that I would be able to buy a bottle of Pinot noir from my pocket at this age. This was like a dream come true.

The next day I decided to pay off my student loans and my mother’s house mortgage. The student loan was a hefty amount as I did not pay any amount yet. Most of my mother’s income from her job in hotel management used to go in the payment of house mortgage which she bought three years ago. The payment of house mortgage was the supreme gift I could present her. The price of the total mortgage payment was $228,000 and the student loan repayment cost me around $41,000. Still I had left with a lot of money which I could spend on myself and on my family.

The next step was to renovate the house in which I and my family were living in since the last three years. The house had torn wallpaper, broken tiles, some shattered windows and sewerage problems since the day we moved in. I hired a contractor and asked him to completely renovate the house and change the windows style in particular. My brother used to drive a vintage 1963 Volkswagen which caused him lots of troubles. He used to be late for work several times a month because the car would break down on the road in the morning. I decided to purchase a brand new Volkswagen Beetle for him and this cost me around $22,000. I gave my brother a surprise and he was filled with joy when I told him the car was for him. He decided to take a leave from his work for a day and spend the day with me.

The first major purchase for me was the vacations package for me and my seven friends who had been close to me since the past many years. This trip was the best as I did not have a chance and money earlier to go for vacations with my close friends. We went to Asian countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for the vacation. We were really pleased to find a great weather in these countries. All these countries have exceptional beaches and very succulent fresh fruits are available in the local markets. All of us were full of energy and rented out a car everywhere we went. In other words, we had a blast on the two week vacation.

I had a thing for bikes since my childhood. This instinct drove me to the nearest dealer of bikes. In a period of only 15 minutes, I was the owner of a brand new WR250X Yamaha. I drove around the whole city and wandered across the streets where I had not been before. After quenching my thirst for a hot bike, I looked forward to purchasing a luxury car cum truck. I did not even bother to check the prices of luxury trucks and went to the local dealer to make the purchase. However, I was a bit disappointed when I came out of the dealer’s office as the Pearl White color in Cadillac Escalade was not available at the moment. A waiting period of two days was given to me by the dealer and he said that I will not be able to find a new Cadillac Escalade truck at any local dealership store.

However, after two days, when the truck was delivered to the store, I got a call from the dealer. I was anticipating the call as the waiting time was almost over. The truck was worth waiting, it was huge and sleek. I could not believe that I will drive this huge truck. I divided the remaining money into two equal parts. I invested half the amount in Google, AT&T and BMW stocks to get returns in the future. With the other half, I purchased a 2600 square-yard luxury house where I can chill with friends and family in the spare time.

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