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What Makes Me a Skilled Internet Researcher?

19 Apr 2017Personal Essays

There is the undeniable fact that today's generation is well acquainted with the technology brought by the continuous developments in the field of technology and inventions. Today's generation or the so-called Generation Y lived in a society where information could readily be accessed. As such, facts and data could be easily obtained through the use of modern, high-tech tools.

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The invention of the internet is truly beneficial to mankind. It provides people with tools that are very useful and fun including games for recreational and relaxation purposes; as a communication tool which allows people to get acquainted with long distance friends and colleagues; and as a means of purchasing things online which saves more time for busy people (Children and the Internet, 2007). The familiarity of children on using the computer and exploring the diverse content of the internet is beneficial for them in working with their projects and homeworks. These benefits highly contribute in the improvement of the children's cognitive development and personal growth.

As such, people must learn to maximize the benefits of the internet especially its research benefits. Being a skilled internet researcher will be beneficial by becoming an expert or even knowledgeable on internet research (Delaney, 2001). Personally, I may be an average internet user because I really do not know very well the complex world of the internet. However, I view myself as capable of researching the internet for valuable and reliable facts amidst all the information that can be found in the World Wide Web.

When looking for credible information on the web, I search for URLs ending with .org, .edu or .gov. These are the sites that most likely post reliable and accurate information. I also employ various search strategies such as the plus and minus signs affixed on my search keywords. This strategy helps to look for particular information or to either broaden or limit my search.


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