What Motivated Me to Go to Earn a Graduate Degree

Published 20 Apr 2017

In life we are given numerous choices that we have to take that leads us to our desired path and outcome. These decisions guide us and help us understand the complexities of our actions can dictate our own future. Despite the occurrence of setbacks and hurdles along the way, all these incidents strengthen our calling to become better individuals and competitive professionals in the things we do. With these, I wish to present my intentions of pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy

My educational philosophy has always been focused on the commitment and dedication towards learning and appreciation. Equipping myself with this adage, I strived in attaining the best that I can do. Achievement on my opinion is an outcome of how we do things. The building blocks in student education must revolve around two things – perseverance and hard work. Even with the constant apathy given by my father due to his bipolar tendencies, I feel that I am still blessed because of the chance to get a lot of financial aid that allowed me to graduate at the age of 19. Looking at it, I believe that I had exceptionally done well in this realm.

By immersing into study proved to be my greatest advantage as I was able to graduate halfway during my junior year. Due to this, I was able to take up college at an earlier age. However, this didn’t stop me for pursuing betterment; for I had enrolled myself in extra courses during my stay at the University. This allowed me to finish quickly and graduate with my bachelor’s degree at the age of 19. Despite the setbacks that I had to face, this didn’t stop me from getting the best of what I do. I had received the Deans List award on multiple occasions and with a 4.0 average, it is very likely that I will graduate with highest honors.

Given these distinctions and awards, I feel that it can play a part in achieving my short and long term goals and objectives. By my participation to a graduate degree in philosophy, I seek to further supplement my skills and competencies in the study. Hopefully, by the time I finish this program, I can earn a PHD in philosophy and then turn around and get into a great law school and apply my philosophical knowledge to the field of law. Furthermore, I want to keep going in the field of law and get my master in laws degree then finally get my doctors of law. After all these study, I now wish to impart information to other students by teaching at a reputable University.

However to attain this, one must have the necessary components and foundation to make possibilities a reality. For my part, I had engaged in numerous activities and tasks aimed towards garnering familiarization and experience.

I was part of a philosophy club at two different schools. I’m also participating in the Ethics Bowl which demonstrates philosophical knowledge as well as the ability to construct complex philosophical arguments. Similarly, I was part of the Model United Nations organization as well as the debate team so I could learn how to argue effectively and efficiently. In the future, I wish to do an unpaid internship at a local law office to better understand the political aspect of law which can guide me to write my dissertation.

With all of these mentioned, I can attest that our mind works in numerous ways that we least expect. It captivates us with information and ideas that continuously gives us the opportunity to appreciate our surroundings and the events happening. It is a powerful entity that fuels and pushes an individual’s action into various desirable objectives. For me, this pursuit towards improvement is a catalyst of the different possibilities available; a future that is holistic and diverse in understanding.

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