Why Pursue Graduate Degree

Published 01 Jun 2017

Attaining a degree is not only a lifetime achievement but more significantly the esteem of having a certified degree can also help realize one’s aspirations. In this stiff and challenging time, it is hard to get a steady job. Thus, choosing the profession to pursue is vital. The career that a person desires must reveal his values and inclinations. It must develop his skills, as well as encourage his capabilities to serve others. As workers mature, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration. Even the man’s desires change as he matures. Achieving higher education lets men acquire secure work that provides the less tangible benefits and possibly in the end makes them happier than higher wages would.

Education is a noble career that is very fulfilling for people who love spending time with children and take pleasure in watching kids gain knowledge and succeed (Careers&Education.com). Similar to social work, nursing and physical therapy, teaching profession in America are rewarding and in high demand. That is why, becoming an educator needs not only a degree with a specialized area, but also a teacher licensure is necessary in order to get on a teaching profession.

My love for little children paved the way in making me an effective educator. Working as a pre-school teacher for 22 years, I was able to cope with educational needs of school children and had the opportunity to work with different ethnic groups. This profession helped me become a better person. I became patient, sociable, and energetic. I also developed positive attitude towards other people. To further gain knowledge in my chosen career, I need to pursue a graduate degree which can lead to creativity, discovery, individual and professional development in order to cope with the changing environment and progress of today’s world.

Though there is likelihood that a degree in education does not guarantee higher wages for men, it is important not to underrate the quality of life to career decision making. A degree implies a stable job in the future that is the foundation for a good lifestyle. For many people, wages are not as important as less substantial gains. The belief in the significance of finishing higher education goes beyond the ideologies. Having a good job is a necessary component for achieving a fulfilling way of life. Higher education is the most essential requirement to a good job. It represents a long-term investment and also contributes to a nation’s need for educated, skilled workers.
Money is not everything. More than financial stability, I would like to pursue a degree in education in order to promote public service. I have contributed my skills in helping children learn, as a responsible citizen of our country. I would like to make use of this opportunity to further uplift the lives of the underprivileged by giving proper education.

Almost all the states in America enhanced the standards for educators in elementary. Indeed, elementary education is transforming to a better level. Well-trained teachers are assigned to augment student’s achievement and provide emotional stability for the learners. It is my desire to accomplish this program to enhance my teamwork and leadership skills, and at the same time give worth to moral behavior, as well as value the quality of education and respect for other people.

As a student, I know the value of education. It is a kind of wealth that only a man can have and be proud of for knowledge cannot be taken away by anyone. When a man is a degree holder, he is assured of his security in the future wherever he goes. With his abilities, talent, and determination he can survive his future and support his family as well. Yes, everyone really needs a degree for the improvement of each and everyone’s way of life. It is one way in which one can share in the economic development of his country.


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