Why Woman Should Not Carry Gun

Published 18 May 2017

Personal defence is an increasingly important consideration in our troubled society. We cannot deny and avoid the fact that we, indeed, live in this perilous time than people who lived before did. The probabilities of harm are very big. Whether we like it or not, grievous times will be at hand.

People, government agencies, and even non-government organizations still strive hard to maintain peace and safety in all places. Latest inventions to protect human manifest that there are dangers in almost all parts of the world.

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Firearms are an important part of preserving our freedoms, both from the power of the state and from evil people who wish to harm peaceable individuals. For violent encounters, guns are the best equalizer of force between men and women currently available. There are other reasons why it’s particularly important that women carry guns. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is based on the laws and constitutions of each state or country.

The gun issue polarizes individuals in our society as few other issues do. A gun is, in fact, something which a great many people use to protect themselves.

I do understand that there are connotations of protection, taking and thus redefining a power that is associated with men and masculinity, and defiance.

Until now, it is still a point of an argument (for some people) if woman should have an equal rights with man. One of the issues being raised is the probability for woman to carry guns. For women, personal defence is a vitally important issue, as men generally outweigh and outmuscle women, and commit most violent crimes.

According to “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun” by Linda M. Hasselstrom, she carries a gun to protect herself from sexual assault and because of other coercing factors that she mentioned in her essay. In short, the main reason is protection.

A gun becomes protective when it discourages someone from harming you; this is not what it was designed for, although what it was designed for is what makes it effective as a discouragement tool. It was designed for the purpose of killing individuals, whether they be animal (as in a hunting rifle) or human (as in a handgun. Basically, its function as a protective item is connoted on its function as a killing weapon. No one would be frightened by a gun if it were not able to kill them. Moreover, as weapons go, guns are particularly geared towards taking the life of an opponent.

Wherever we may go, safety is always one of our concerns. In fact, a person who is in a sound mind does everything he can to protect not only himself but also his loved ones. Our care for peace and order would not come to the point of making ourselves armed, if we will oblige ourselves to take the steps that we must do without even thinking of causing harm to other people.

Injuring people – which is what weapons are for – does not seem to me to be what I am trying to achieve. When I see a gun, I don’t think of protection – I think of someone who is willing to kill people.

Taking care of ourselves is not against any law whether of man or of the Creator of man. As we all know, guns are still tools of destruction. The first thing that we can do is keep ourselves away from apparent source of harm.

Our way of life, for example, sometimes contribute factors why some of us encounter dangers. Accessorizing ourselves with our precious jewelry would invite thieves and snatchers. Why not instead live as simple and as practical as we can be? Trying to wear decently will not do us any harm but will keep us away from becoming victims of those who have lust in their eyes. If more women do these seemingly simple but logical way of protecting themselves, there would be fewer cases of rape.

You might have gun in you, but you can’t always be sure of using it at the proper time and proper place and whenever it is really needed to be used. Another is that an individual who relies on firearms may have a false sense of security, and may freeze up if an attacker does approach her.

Violence in today’s society needed a big move of the government, peace-keeping agencies, and religious groups. Yes, it will always start with the individual, but there are also other people in authority who have greater responsibility with regard to human safety and protection.


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