Where did you find that book?

Published 05 May 2017

Recently, buying books through the internet has gain precedence among the American population. This paper will compare the business model of three book sellers, who sell their books through the internet.

Amazon is a purely online business, that doesn’t contain any physical outlets. The only way to order from them is through the internet. They majorly compete on price and convenience. Although Amazon may not be entirely unethical, it does use many subliminal marketing techniques that ‘push’ the customer to buy more books. Regarding the privacy and security, a major concern would be the information that Amazon collects when a shopper surfs its’ website. It is able to collect information about the buying habits, product review, wish lists and other ‘habits’, through which it is able to suggest related books. (Chevalier & Goolsbee, 2003)

Barnes and Noble initially started as a retail store, but now because of the pressure from Amazon, it has moved to an online presence. Its’ site doesn’t offer social networking features which makes it less likely to invade the customer’s privacy. (Chevalier & Goolsbee, 2003)

Book Rack is a franchised second-hand bookstore in Arlington, TX, that prides itself in customer service. It is relatively small to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and doesn’t maintain an independent webpage. All the franchise share the same webpage. The online customer can get his order from any of the franchise nearby. However, most of its sales are from its retail business.


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