Why Do I Have to Study Psychology

Published 22 May 2017

Psychology is one of the most popular courses in many higher learning institutions. This is because the course gives the learners a golden chance to discover things which remain a mystery to many people. They are accorded that chance to be a cut above the rest as far as human behavior is concerned. It attracts people who are thirsty for knowledge concerning what goes on in the human mind. Those who want to understand why human beings behave in a certain way find psychology to be one of the most fulfilling courses at the university.

Psychology has been described as a field which consists of both application and academic aspects where human mind and behavior are studied. It has been defined as a scientific study of mental processes and behavior. It involves observing and documenting of how human being relate to the one another and all the things that surround them. Psychologists mostly focus on the patterns which help them to understand and predict a human behavior. As a science psychologists apply scientific methods to carry an assessment of their ideas. (Hockenbury, D and Hockenbury, S 2004). Through prediction and understanding of the human behavior psychologists have gained knowledge that is much help to the people in their attempt to realize their potentials. Psychology has a wide range of real world application in our day to day lives which include mental illness, stress management, human machine interaction, Interaction between people of the opposite sex, child development among others.

Through studying psychology one is in a position to understand why human being react to certain condition and use it to help people to manage their lives. It is a field that gives one a fulfilling career where one greatly appreciates the role he or she is playing in an attempt to alleviate people suffering. It is a golden chance to explore a human mind and behavior in an attempt to answer many questions which many to many people remain a puzzle and a thorn in the fresh. (Hockenbury, D and Hockenbury, S 2004).Discovering psychology, 4th ed A psychology student will be equipped with the necessary tools which will help him or her to look into the world in a different perspective and be able to understand human behavior much better. (Malim, T and Birch, A. 2004). This means one does not have to study psychology to practice; it can be a good platform to improve your relationship with other, help manage life in a better manner and also look into things in a different way realizing a fulfilling life. (Myers, G, 2004)

One of the areas in which psychology tries to help people is stress management. It is a major problem that is breaking families, ending careers and deteriorating people’s health. Psychologists have the necessary tools to help people manage stress therefore helping people to lead a productive and successful life. (Hewstone, M. 2004).The psychologist guides the patient with on a step by step process of coping with stress in life. What is more fulfilling in life than to see people who were once burdened with stress recover to lead a normal and a meaning life? If you have a passion of helping people realize their dreams this is your area. With dedication and determination you will be able to change the world and make it at least a better place. (Scatter D, Gilbert, D and Wegner, D. 2008)

Human relationship is another area where psychologists focus with a dedicated passion. This area tries to focus and answer questions that disturb many people who find it hard to maintain relationship with other people especially the opposite sex. Understanding the opposite sex is very crucial to every individual who aspires to have a successful relationship. (Smith, E.Susan, N and Fredrick, B 2003) People always consult relationship experts who in this case happen to be psychologists to help them overcome fears and other challenges associated with relationships. This is one of the most fulfilling areas for a psychologists, it is full of life and energy. In this case a person who has studied psychology can also apply the things learned to put their relations in order. (Griggs, R 2009)

The young ones make us happy and bring so much joy to our lives. As a parent it is important to be equipped with knowledge of child development so that he or she can know what to do with the child at any particular moment. To many psychology is bringing a whole new meaning to parenting. (Hayes, N 2000). Bringing up good kids is the dream of every parent, to get this psychology can be of great help. It pays to spare some time and money to enroll in a psychology class and gain the necessary knowledge on life management therefore achieving most of the goals one aspires. This again tells us that one can study psychology alongside other courses. It is a living course that helps us to cope with life better while understanding others and the things that surrounds us. (Morris, C and Maisto, A 2001)

Psychology is a fascinating and an exiting course where students never get bored as they are always dealing with things that surround them and interact with in their day to day lives. The course is also challenging, it is not for the weak, it requires full concentration as giving the wrong impression or information can ruin people’s lives, it is a course for the strong willed individuals who want to make a difference in their lives and also make an impact in other people lives.

Choosing psychology as a course in the university is one of the best decision that you will have made. It offers such a good chance to enrich your life with the skills which others will find very much useful and at the same time they will help in moulding you as a person to realize the dreams. Lastly there is a lot of money to be made for a psychologist, People will always have some issue to be dealt with, therefore a practicing psychologist will never be broke or complain of a low peak season while others are complaining of recession and other economic problems. You have made the right choice, do what it takes and you will never regret.


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