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Why study Art?

02 Jun 2017Other Essays

Since high school, I have had a desire to pursue art; disciplines of my immense interest which not only enable me understand the forces behind socio-economic, political, legal, and environmental happenings but also offer a practical way of relating these factors to the day to day live activities. First, I made my decision to study arts in order to fulfill my dreams and acquire more knowledge that would enable me correlate my imaginations with the history of human existence and how man attempts to adjust to the ever changing world in quest for better life, security and social order (teachers, 2008)

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Secondly my decision was based on the desire to experience and get more insight on the multifaceted human cultural diversity and their roles in the contemporary society.

My decision was also guided by the awareness that Art would enable me develop specific academic traits that are crucial in my quest to fully understand human behavior as exhibited in various scenarios and the deep pertinent issues that are essential, not only in understanding life, but in living fully (teachers, 2008).

My journey into the world of art was also guide by the abstractness of the discipline where one freely expresses his/her opinion on a given subject and is not necessarily tied to a given established formulae of making inferences.

In the study of art, one uses critique, images, movements, and songs to form an opinion and attempt to explain the sate of affairs, the causative agents and also offer viable alternatives solutions to a situation.

Lastly, I had desire to specialize in a filed that would enable me employ my skills in empowering my peer and members of my society hence the decision to begin the journey that would eventually lead me to further studies in community arts. Art is therefore not only enjoyable to me but also allows me think critically and creatively.


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