Why Have You Selected This Program in Preference

Published 25 May 2017

I am a caseworker working for the Department of Health and Human Services. At this point of my career, I would like to further my knowledge and apply for a Master’s Degree Program in Health Care Policy and Management. This will elevate me to a higher position in the aforementioned government agency in the future. It will also help me grow in terms of managerial skills. Finally, through the program, I will be in a better position to scrutinize health care policies and develop better ones in the future.

Selection of the aforementioned program will help me enhance the skills that I possess in relation to the job that I currently hold. As a caseworker, I am responsible for various occurrences, for instance, providing protection/safety for children in case they are neglected or subjected to abuse of any form, preparation of legal documents for their adoption. In addition to that, I also help uphold long-term security for families and communities. Furthermore, I am also in charge of advocacies with regards to the signs of danger that may arise. Case planning is also another responsibility of a caseworker like me. Also, I am held responsible too for petitions with regards to protective custody of the child in question.

With all the tasks and functions that I hold especially the ones which are highly and directly related to community health, I believe that an MS in Health Care Policy and Management will bring me to a higher level in terms of position in the organization. In addition to that, the knowledge that I will acquire from the program curriculum will surely help me prepare myself to the persistent shifting features of health care. Moreover, I have selected the program to: 1) develop my horizons, 2) advance my expertise, and 3) make myself more spirited and aggressive in carrying out my tasks and functions. Furthermore, I have chosen such program so that I will learn more with regards to the management principles, which are much needed in my community practice. Last but not least, I will be in a better position to look into health policies, suggest changes, and even develop new ones.


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