Why I want to become a doctor?

Published 29 May 2017

“Heal the world, make it a better place.” These are the words in one of the songs of the late pop icon, Michael Jackson and these are exactly what reverberate in my mind every time I think of the patients that lie helpless in many hospitals in name of your place/state/hometown. Indeed, healing the world through medicine has always been part of a doctor’s mission. In fact it is the very reason why I want to become a doctor.

Healing the world relates to different aspects. In the field of medicine, it means providing healthcare to the people, regardless of their status in life. In the real sense, it means ensuring health of every person, especially the poor who cannot afford private medication. In addition, it means doing the best practice to help cure uncommon diseases, and finding the best cure to unknown diseases. Considering the first role, every doctor is responsible for providing the best healthcare to patients. Consequently, the second role requires adamant attitude towards research to find the best cure for modern diseases. These two roles of a doctor are what challenge me most to study hard in the field. In preparation, I took up name of course and six levels of English, in Miami Dade College in order to ensure breaking communication barriers between me and my future patients.

My vision to be an important part of the field both here in the U.S. and in my homeland, Cuba serves as my main motivator for studying. In addition, the inspiration that my father gives every time he tells stories of his patients is enough to leave me wondering about my own future in the scene of professional care.

Born and raised in Cuba for the most part of my life, my culturally diverse background will serve as my share to the promotion of cultural dynamics in your campus. My rich cultural background, along with Cuba’s reputation of producing a great number of talented professionals in the field, will surely help enrich learning experience of my fellow students.

In spite of all the motivation I have to obtain a degree in the field of medicine, my objective will not come true without the help and guidance of professors and professionals in the field. For this reason, I would like to seek your approval for admission to your prestigious school. I am certain that no other schools can offer the quality of education you bring, considering your well-experienced pool of faculty and state of the art facilities. Moreover, I believe that your program’s sensitivity to cultural diversity will be an important factor to the fulfillment of my dream to help heal the world.

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