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Why We Should Honor Our War Veterans

06 Jun 2017Other Essays


There are so many things that war brings to a country and to its people. Today, being victorious in war does not seem to hold that much distinction. This is because, whether victorious or not, war brings with it the high cost of warfare and the cost of so many lives. But for the fortunate few who have survived and have lived to tell about their experiences, their greatest reward is that they simply get to go home. Distinctions cannot compensate for what they have offered; their lives. To ask the question, why honor our war veterans, is an insult by those who claim that they do not deserve such a distinction. In other words, the honor which is given to war veterans is simply a way of thanking the heroes of our land.

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A Simple Honor for an Old Hero

For centuries, the world is constantly turned upside down by wars. Nations are left with the countless lives lying lifeless along the war-torn streets. Cities with magnificent structures are shattered into pieces. There are a number of people who live to tell stories about these wars. The most daunting and horrifying stories are often heard from war veterans. So in answering the question, why must we honor our war veterans? The answer is quite obvious. It is simply because they deserve it.

War veterans should be honored because of what they gave and offered to our country. These people went and fought for the entire nation. They were willing to sacrifice their lives. When they went to war, they knew that they might never go back home again but despite this, they still went on. They had to leave everything behind. They had to leave all their possessions, jobs and most importantly, their loved ones.

All these inevitably point out to one overlying fact. The fact is that we must honor them because they are the living heroes of our country. Giving them medals or awards can never be enough for what they gave. Although some of them will never claim that they are heroes, we must honor their acts and bravery because, we owe them that much at least.

Honor can easily be said or attributed to people. However, those who really deserve to be honored like war veterans, do not achieve it by simply claiming it or receiving it. They are honored because they have earned it.

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