WiMAX: Future Rival of Cellular Networks

Published 16 Jun 2017

In an article by Stephen Lawson posted at NETWORKWORLD website, entitled “WiMAX Forum Looks towards Roaming”, a new era for the roaming industry has dawned. WiMAX has kicked off the trend for domestic and international roaming that exceeds the reigning industry at present through the launching of its Global Roaming Program (Lawson). This initiative will give operators and service providers an opportunity to broaden their business ranges and improve customer satisfaction.

This program is the first of its kind in the industry. It will provide clients a broader scope for online services since the program aims to create contracts with other carriers allowing the customer to get online by other servers (Lawson). It is much like that of a mobile cellular phone that can connect with other cellular networks during travel. These services are often called 2G and 3G although such services are not yet completely global in availability (Lawson). Nevertheless, WiMAX is better since it will set up various contracts that will allow the user to roam online through the use of other servers themselves rather than connect with them. However, there are technical concerns regarding the utilization of this feature. The program can certainly get their clients online while travelling but there is no assurance that the quality of the service is the same as that of local stationary servers at home. Furthermore, there are still few operators that have teamed up with WiMAX.

The WiMAX initiative is probably a great innovation in industry since it will provide a new way to stay connected anytime anywhere. On the other hand, the said technology is a young one and thus, there are still some matters that needed attention before it can go global.

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