Winning At Any Cost

Published 16 Jun 2017

Analyzing the communication patterns between Simon Wheeler and Jim Smiley, it can be seen that the process of winning at any cost can be seen. This corresponds to the ability of exercising the capacity of Mark Twain to utilize specific literary techniques in the process of synthesizing the persona of Jim Smiley in getting off with his exploits in gambling. By introducing a character that is addicted towards betting and placing bets on different things, he is able to create the analogy of one man who won’t settle for second best. This then became the essential facet contributing to the rest of the story.

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Critically assessing this mindset, it can thus be argued that the conditions revolving around the character illustrates his perspective towards life – one that should be won regardless of the means. Analyzing this perspective, it does not only entail the capacity to influence belief in what Smiley’s pet frog can do but also provide an opportunity for Simon Wheeler to accept that the story provided by Jim Smiley remains to be true. The symbolisms used by Mark Twain connote also innately how the character of John Smiley seeks out to create belief regardless of how humorous and obscure the analogy is.

To supplement this, Mark Twain exaggerates the story by associating the desire of Jim Smiley to win by arguing that the pet frog that the persona owns jumps higher than any of the frogs. This direction then provided his ability to justify the peculiarities of this feat and sought to create a story to both entertain and signify his ability to win any bets in the process. Seeing this, by using different forms of storytelling, Jim Smiley’s character then becomes transformed to an individual who aspires for the best in all that he does.

Overall, it is through this attempt that the story can exhibit the theme of winning. By pointing out both apparent and underlying meanings of the conversation between Simon Wheeler and Jim Smiley, it helps contribute towards the value of ascertaining its relevance among the storyteller and how his attempt can then induce belief and appreciation on the part of the receiver.

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