Women Gender studies

Published 23 Jun 2017

As we read the literature, a feeling one gets, at first, is that the concept is useful. The theoretical complications it provides us in the racial, class and ideological dimensions of women’s gender consciousness, and the concept seems to be theoretically failing in its wider perspective. The paper has it in detail.

Women Gender Studies

Look earnestly at the history of anywhere around the world, one finds a truth, which is not really thought over by man, that is to understand the real past of a nation, a city, a village, or even a family one needs to go through the past experience of the women there. The experience of women may differ from that of men because there gender is different, even if they are exposed to the same situations. When one considers globally, the race, class and ethnic group are contributing factors to all four dimensions applied in women gender consciousness. At the same time one must think for a great extant the wider perspective can be seen in women’s life is, if at all, originated just by the awareness of being the feminine gender.

Time and again in the lives of American women as well as in the life of women in the so called less civilized world the women right’s leaders had come to know that the suffering and struggles of women would not be diminished by the strict implementation of law protecting women. It is because the mobility of mothers, sisters and housewives to the labor force is made possible by the realization of their gender with greater freedom. Interpreting the existing constitution in favor of women by the court or voting new amendments to pass for the betterment of women by the parliament will only make the local strongholds to behave or treat better the sufferers out of fear for the punishment. A study of such incidents would be an account of isolated incidents to show the great change that happens to the womankind at large. This change is a realization of self-identity, discontent evoked by the awareness of self-independence, choice of legitimate involvement and the power of a collective orientation.

Women have shown their gender consciousness from domesticity to urbanization, from biology to blasphemy. The role of female in domestic activities has changed while that of men has been made to change. Down the ages the understanding of changes in the child bearing and sexuality helps one understand the depth of self realization the womankind is going through today and at that time. There were times when ladies spend their adult life either abstaining from the sex or giving birth because they were restricted from contraceptives. Today men understand the wider perspective of women sexuality before his counterpart claims it. It took a lot of time before the system realized that women have their own wish to spend money and be freed and mobilized economically. They had to work one or even to jobs belonging to the family, but gone are those eras now. As everyone knows female workers found them self, until recently, in the working atmosphere of their homes, but this situation has left us very fast. The graph of female students and female staff skyrocketed dramatically across our nation and around the world.

A good part of the history was convinced that the economy is the responsibility of the male population. The things have changed rapidly. Now, given it is first world or the third world, the female workers, doubling in number by the decades, contribute greatly to the economical stability of her nation, She goes beyond her class or ethnic limitations. In her strive to compensate for the bias of less productivity; she often had to face discriminations. They had often been victimized with smaller pay stubs, tiring hours and unbearable conditions. Besides lawful support by the local authorities the gender consciousness had helped them to hold on and hold firm.

Revolutions are often started by the powerless, making a unit of power. The gender consciousness began by the educated and the middle class. The concept swept across the world. Female gender realized greater freedom. The human nature became more sensitive towards the inequalities of sex. The world was already divided with the inequalities of religion and race but the experience of women were even more heard and thought over by because of the self-realization of the mankind. The women of hard work became their own advocates and liberationist. They saw, they appealed and they came to rescue.

The depth of the great changes again to be understood by the greater numbers constituted in graduate schools by the female candidate. Forget about the graduating think only of the number of students enrolling to a college, the boys constitute only a tiny fraction. More and more girls opt now for the greater choice of careers. Above all in spite of being highly qualified, one will see, women more and more in vocational training centers gaining the expertise to be consciously self reliable. They are as a group enormously aroused by the dignity of being women gender. Initially this only looked like a concept but now one is forced to understand this as a phenomenon, which enables the feminine gender to be confident, self-defining and self-depending force on the face of the earth.

“Several conclusions can not be drawn about women’s gender consciousness as defined and measured here. In most respect women’s gender coconsciousness has comparatively been weak. Women did become politically conscious over the 1970s. Men changed along with women”(Gurin 160). This only shows how it is basically useless as an explanation of events that were profoundly structured as study of data. At this point it is worth mentioning that about two thirds of the working women population around the world do 80 to 90 percent of their house hold chores with only a name sake helping out from the spouse. Many fathers, mostly from the middleclass families, have become, by word, responsible for parenting, but still the basic responsibility for a child ermines with the mother. In most of the communities women remaining in the work force without even thinking to claim the extra consideration she deserves.

The women gender studies often fail to recognize or bring out the account of this self-recognition of gender with limitation of either race or class. Social changes are always multifaceted; it would never be considered the fruit of one single concept. Changes in the womankind can never be assessed or evaluated with a concept and the dimensions within that. For example the federal funding of abortions had once been threatened by opponents of legalized abortions. Were those ethical reasons they had for doing this agitations were without the realization of women’s rights. One can always believe American women always lead from the front the dramatic movement for change and the ladies all over the world took the initiative from them.

When human beings in America were divided for the sake of races, the human beings in the Far East were divided for their religion at the same time the human beings in the Middle East were divided for the sake of land, even though the world was at trouble the human kind was at peace in discriminating women. All the religion including Christianity exhorted that both the sex are equal or there is no man or women for God, but in practice they always kept strict discriminations in the name of holiness. But today’s women stood as the light that lights up the living room of one’s home, and stood firm like a mother who is more tolerant than the earth, and stood firm like a Goddess of auspicious life. She understands in many ways today the value of being a woman because of her on gender consciousness. She knows in today’s world what actually the role of a woman in her social, cultural and professional backgrounds. And this personal recognition makes her special and so overwhelming. The all-achieving female character we see today emerged today by the self-realization of a number of great women rather than the prolific study of data.

As I come to the end of this paper I would discus another unavoidable aspect of gender consciousness. This study is theoretically complicated in Ideological Racial and Class aspects. Women’s collective mobilization in terms of concrete measurable causes seems to be a limited concept one tries to draw. In wider perspective it is the inner and conscious realization of one’s self in complete liberty. This complete liberty is like a man walking down the street in a third world country is grabbed by a stranger, the man would react saying “get off me” Where as the same atrocity happens to young girl in the same place the girl would react saying “ Oh no, please, someone may see” here the freedom of the girl is gone with the feeling of insecurity. When would this insecurity vanishes, then will the gender consciousness prevail in women.

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