Women of various culture

Published 06 Jul 2017

Culture for every nation varies in different reasons, some with the climate, topography, geography and the composition of their country. And for some reasons, cultures vary with the experiences the nation have gone through, like for colonization and some atrocities given to them by soldiers or army of a more powerful country. With the help of these factors, people really differ with the way they see and are seen by others. Like for those women who are in the Western part of the world, they are seen to become the most elegant girls while for the people or women in the Eastern part whom are simpler than of Western girls.

Recalling my knowledge about the women of the 20th century, the period when wars, atrocities, colonization and violence are widespread, I can say that the women before are so conservative since they are all wearing long skirts and gowns, like from the royal family who are commonly seen at the Western pat of the world specifically in Europe and in London. The elegance of women before is seen with the way they live and how they dress, maybe for some instances. In the Eastern part are mostly formed of Asian women who were also conservative but less fashionable compared to the Western girls. Socially speaking, I think the women from the 20th century were not even allowed to socialize. Those were the times when the society was still being molded by the patriarchal side. The time when people are given the knowledge that only men are allowed to lead, serve and study. It was still the time when the social roles of the women are only found inside the house where they are expected to do the laundry or cook for the people in their houses. It was the social structure of the community that also affected the political side of the women from this century.

Politically, men are always the ones who are allowed to lead and preside countries from all over the world, even if in the royal family there is a queen, it is still the King’s decision that must be followed. It was also evident that women are deprived of many privileges that men experience.

If I am to compare it with the women of the 21st century, I have observed that through the emergence of education, women are now knowledgeable and are courageous to fight for their rights, socially and politically. Though women of the western and Eastern part of the world still vary, it was still the development that they have gained through time. Feminism arose and women were given opportunities for service and education. Women are given chances to become winners of worldwide competitions since they are now allowed to study. Even if the main names in a record for noble awards are mostly from men, it is still a good catch to have women on the list.

For some reasons, the women who are not provided of privileges, there is still some discrimination with their gender. Like for some women or most of the women in Africa, they are discriminated with the way they look and the way they live. I think most of us know that life there is not a joke where there will be adequate sources. African women are degraded with their color that is why during a war, African girls were used as a protest to the whites. They challenged the men to make love with them; which in turn was a real insult with their masculinity. Also, color of the skin is a preference for the dominance in this world, so I think, white women who are whiter than others feel the authority and power over other girls with darker skin. This may also be the reason why many beauty products are being made in order to make other girls with the same position with the others.

Girls of the 21st century are more powerful than women of the 20th century due to the innovations that are developed through the improvement of technology and the like. Women are more politically and socially involved in this generation, the 21st century.


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