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Published 31 Jul 2017

As an international student from Taiwan, I have a distinct background and many unique qualities. As an undergraduate student at the University of North Texas, I overcame the difficulties posed by language and cultural barriers. As an Electronics Engineering Technology major in college, I was the first student in my class to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and am now a registered Engineer-in-Training in the State of Texas. In addition to a broad knowledge of science and engineering, I have a strong background and interest in circuit analysis, microcontroller programming, and quality assurance. I also have a great deal of laboratory experience in application software – especially using LabVIEW for data acquisition and control. For my senior design project, my teammates and I built a self-balancing-wheel prototype for the purpose of securing a patent. The project involves applying physics concepts to initial design, implementing strain gauges and Wheatstone bridge circuits to build sensors, programming a MC9S12C32 microcontroller. It also included designing and building a voltage regulator circuit, an input interface between the sensors and the MCU, and an output interface between the MCU and stepper motors. I found this experience to be valuable for me as it gave me an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills I gained as an undergraduate student. I found it to be a positive opportunity to work as part of a research and development team.

As well as my regular coursework I have taken on several part-time positions during my college career. In my junior and senior years I was employed as a Computer Lab Assistant at the UNT College of Business Administration. This job provided me an opportunity to consult with a wide variety of people and personalities. I also learned to utilize several different software applications during this time. I also found that my computer lab experience offered me the chance to develop a greater understanding of American culture. Last summer I was employed as Package Engineering Intern for National Chemical Search (NCH Corporation.) My job responsibilities included executing package compatibility tests and distribution tests, generating test reports with suggestions, and assisting the manager in product research. I have proven my abilities to work efficiently and effectively under pressure while still producing quality work. I demonstrated a strong work ethics and was willing to stay extra time in the company until all the work is finished.

As part of my Optical Practical Training (OPT) I have been working as a Wafer Fab Operator at Honeywell. During my time at Honeywell I have learned a great deal about the physics and manufacture of semiconductors. I first started working in the Back Grind/Polish area and due to my outstanding performance, I was transferred and now working at Diaphragm Etch line .This is one of the final and the most important process in making silicon pressure sensors. In addition to just following predefined procedures like other operators, I also applied my engineering skills and knowledge of statistics to improve die yield. In contrast to other operators who just type cavity thickness measurements into the computer and let the program generate the SPC chart by itself, I also look for unusual patterns and nonrandom factors on the chart and list suggestions as comments so that the Process Engineer can make a better decision.

I believe that in the world of engineering and technology, the environment is dynamic and fiercely competitive. Higher knowledge and degrees are always needed as companies and individuals strive to be adaptive and innovative in order to respond to the challenges of the ever-changing high-tech world. The University of Texas at Dallas has one of the best engineering programs in North Texas. Its Department of Electrical Engineering has a very strong collaborative program with many high-tech companies in Dallas/Fort Worth area. Having the opportunity to be able to enroll and study in this program will definitely be a huge step to help me achieve my career goal to become an IC Design Engineer. I believe admission to the department is very competitive and due to my lack in undergraduate prerequisites for graduate courses in Electrical Engineering, I am seeking a conditional admission to M.S.E.E program. I plan to enroll in EE 4325, EE 4330, EE 4340, and EE 4341 this coming fall semester. My goal is to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in order to keep staying in the program. If the foregoing condition is satisfied, I would like to discuss my degree plan with a graduate advisor at the end of the semester and perhaps, seeking an opportunity to concentrate my graduate study in Circuits and Systems.

Thank you for considering my application.

Note and suggestions: When writing an essay you probably want to watch your use of commas. Avoid the use of the word And at the beginning of a sentence. Class Titles, job titles etc should always be capitalized and fully written out rather than abbreviated. Also you might wish to include not only your career goals and previous experience, but personal opinions on some of the current issues or research in the field that you are applying for Graduate Studies in.

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