Workforce Diversity and Intercultural Communication

Published 05 Aug 2017

In today’s growing business industry, it is of importance that the company is able to compete with other companies within their business range. One major factor for the development of any business is the communication within the business itself. In this case intercultural communication and workforce diversity are two important factors. Intercultural communication deals with the issue of differences in culture in the area of speech and communication while workforce diversity seeks to include people which are considered to be different from those in the main community.

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Every culture is different and the culture where an individual grows dictates his or her attitudes and understanding, therefore it is important that culture should be considered in order to be able to communicate effectively. Undermining the cultural background may result in misunderstanding and miscommunication. In this case it will be the company’s loss because its workers may have problems with each other and may not be able to work efficiently.
Undeniably, competence is very important in the business industry, there is a war raging between talented people. Companies are in need of able and competent workers but it is also important to for the company to maintain the workforce. Workforce diversity includes training less competent personnel to be a better worker capable of doing the task that are given to them. It is the company’s goal to be able to meet the client’s standard and therefore it is important that their workers are capable. Giving appropriate services will help the company not only in terms of production but it will also lift the company’s name and credibility that may result in increase of client demanding for their service. It not only benefit the person and the company but the government as well for it is able to change less able persons into a productive individuals that are now tax payers.
Truly in our growing economy, workforce diversity and intercultural communication are important aspects that every company should consider in order to maximize the company’s performance.


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