Workplace Stress Leading to Burnout

Published 05 May 2017

Stress in the workplace has been a concern on the minds of human resource employees in many large corporations. “By neglecting causes of workplace stress, employers may be nullifying their investment in employee-focused health-promotion programs. The evidence linking certain workplace characteristics to employee stress and health is as strong as the evidence linking smoking to lung cancer” (Santa-Barbara pg 2). This essay will illustrate the connection between workplace stress and employee burnout.

There are professionals all across the spectrum of the corporate world feeling as if they are not making any contribution to society at all, and have relegated their employee/employer relationship down to a nuisance. It is more difficult to get up in the morning and go to the office. It seems pressure is coming from every angle scrutinizing every move made. Santa-Barbara notes that stress form any source causes the brain chemistry to change lowering the body’s immune system making the employee more susceptible to illnesses (pg 2).

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“Anybody can suffer from stress and job burnout,” Kleven noted. “These are equal-opportunity challenges.” In a dynamic society where change is the only constant, people find it particularly challenging to manage work overload — and as families split up, reconfigure or move around the country, individuals are less and less likely to have an adequate support system to help them combat stress (Overwhelmed and Overworked, n.d.).

Burnout can be defined as a general lack of caring or concern with noticeable less motivation. Many who cannot discover the source of the stress causing burnout can go into depression further complicating their lives. However, according to Ceridian Connection, stress can be overcome, but not without recognizing its source (Overwhelmed and Overworked, n.d.). Once the source is recognized help can come from many directions including managers who can take measures to keep employees involved and engaged. Stress in the workplace is definitely causing employee burnout, but with the right help, and by noticing the symptoms early enough it can be thwarted.

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