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Published 09 Mar 2017

Marie de Frances lais: Is courtly love an empowerment for woman? Using the “Yonec` as an example.

Courtly love is never meant to empower women. It institutionalizes women as objects of noble men like kings and princes who have the power to do whatever they want of their women. Courtly love has not elevated women into a higher status where they can live as happily and as freely as they wish. It has instead imprisoned women as they are forced into marrying men that they do not love at all. In “Yonec” Marie de Francis illustrated how a woman became a victim of courtly love. She had to suffer as she was imprisoned in the tower by his jealous husband. Marie de Francis however, reveals in her poem too that women when they become sick and tired and angered of the system and the structure where they have to be enslaved by the whims and caprices of men have the power to go against whatever rule. The lady in “Yonec” betrayed his husband for a handsome man whom she learned to love and even bore him a son. It shows how women can be strong even to disobey the commandments of God not to commit adulterous act. It shows how angry women can be as manipulative in their desire to seek justice for the oppression and for the betrayal that they have suffered. In “Yonec”, the lady was avenged of her pains and the death of her lover even when she was already dead. Her child killed his stepfather.

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Chretien de Troy: What is the function of humor? Using “The knight with the Lion and The Weaving Maidens.”

There are four functions of humor. This can be (1) identification of a position; (2) clarification of position or values; (3) enforcement of norms; and (4) differentiation of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. (Meyer, 1991). In the Knight with the Lion” humor was utilized with its compelling power to release tension as one reads the plot and laughs with how the lion become so attached to the master who saved his life from a serpent. The lion even wanted to kill itself thinking that its master is dead. Humor was also used to indicate the triumph and victory and the superiority of men.

In the “Weaving Maidens” humor was used to delineate social boundaries. It was used to present contradictions and irony. Humor was used to reveal the wrong values of men. There is use of humor as Chretien de Troy described the ugly appearance of the maidens and yet what an ironical predicament where these ugly girls weave silk to clothe the nobles while they stay ugly, nothing to wear, nothing to eat.

Renard the Fox – How is the story related to the time’s morals?

The story is related to the sufferings of the many people in the present society because of greed and corruption of those who are in power. “Renard the Fox” tells of an amoral being who became very rich because of his exploitative and manipulative ways. In the present society, many acts as philanthropist but only as a disguise of their greed for more power and profit. In other words like in Renard in the Fox, the present society is suffering because many people have lost their sense of morality and dignity and have forgotten the need to respect and honor the rights of their fellows instead they trample on their rights and deprive them of their dues.

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