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Published 11 Sep 2017

Hieroglyphics is a formal writing system used by Egyptians which actually consist of more than 2,000 hieroglyphs characters. Every character represents a common object in ancient Egypt and the idea associated with the object hieroglyphs represents the sound of an object. Hieroglyphs on the later use were very time to consume that is why the Egyptians are encouraged to developed a cursive script called hieratic where all of the characters within are based on the hieroglyphs symbols. Also, in the early years after the development of hieratic the Egyptian begun using a script which was made even simpler than hieratic, this script was called demotic script. Today, Rebus has become the modern time use type of hieroglyphs writing. Rebus was defined as a picture puzzle that is capable of being “sounded out” through reading the sounds that were symbolized by the pictures.

Literature, on the other hand, is the body of written works of language, period or culture and is literally acquainted with letters. The term has generally come to identify a collection of texts or work of art both of the fiction and the nonfiction such as fables, short stories, novels, myths, folktales and legends that may or may not have national implications. The term literature can be defined in numerous ways depending on the perspective of someone who’s using it. It can be applied generally from the images up to the letters. Literature could also mean of only a text that was composed by letters or by Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Biography is one type of literature developed by the Egyptians using hieroglyphics. Biography is the story of one person’s life that was written or told by another person, in the case of the Egyptians by that time, the pharaoh. Another type of literature is the fable, fable or the story that teaches a moral lesson which often has animal characters. A folktale is another type; it is a story that has been passed down within a culture that may be based on the superstitious belief and feature supernatural characters. The folktale is the type of literature which consists of fairy tales and all the other stories that have been passed down through the generations. Legend, it is a type of literature developed by Egyptian hieroglyphics that was about the story which has been handed down and passed by over the generations and is believed to be based on history. A legend has a hero that was character by human and typically mixes fact and fiction. Myth, on the other hand, is a traditional story that has been established by a particular group or culture as factual and sacred. It centered on God and the supernatural being and explains how something came to be. Short stories are a fictional and narrative writing style that tends to be more concise and direct to the point than the longer works of fiction. Hieroglyphics were used by the Egyptians in order to develop and progress literature.


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