Writing Effective Communications

Published 30 Oct 2017

Writing Effective Communications
Interoffice Memorandum
DATE: January 12, 2008
TO: Roanoke Branch
FROM: Human Resources Department
SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Situation

The Roanoke branch had been suffering reports of decline in productivity. Every problem of each branch is a problem of our company. There is a demand to take immediate action as the situation in the Roanoke branch affects the whole of Phoenix Advertising. This company had put much effort in gaining the trust of our four clients. And now that trust is being put at risk as these four clients are dissatisfied with the performance of the Roanoke Branch.

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There are reports that employee morale and productivity had been declining. The problem seems to be affecting even the supposed to be leaders of the branch. In the course of the last three months, there are reports of tow top personnel that left the company. The creative team also demands that their work shouldn’t be altered by art directors and account executives. Since the problem originated from the employees of the Roanoke branch, we should get the information from them firsthand. We can get the information by making the employees of the Roanoke branch speak out their predicaments themselves. So they can feel that they are being heard by the company, to make them feel that they are a vital part of the company—because they are. We should be able to accumulate all the necessary information by the end of this week. All the reports should be sent through e-mail ([email protected])as the nature of our dilemma requires immediate action.

The situation of the Roanoke branch requires immediate attention as our deal with the four clients is vital to the company’s well-being. Moreover, our employees as are crucial to the well-being of the company.

To: Human Resources Department of Roanoke branch
Subject: Payroll statements from the Roanoke branch

Good day! It would be very kind of you to provide us with the payroll statements from your branch. It would help us asses and formulate solutions for the situation of the Roanoke branch.

It would also be very helpful if you would include a summary of the agency and branch policies regarding overtime and compensation/benefits package. I would also ask of you to formulate and conduct a small survey about the payroll system to the Roanoke branch employees. This is because we are required to pinpoint the details of the problem and come up with solutions. I hope that you’d be able to send me all of this in a week’s time. Monday would be good so that we can devote the whole week in formulating solutions. Thank you very much for your time. This is all very much appreciated.

Good luck,
Human Resources Department ([email protected])


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