Your marketing sucks

Published 23 Oct 2017

‘Every marketing dollar you spend should bring in more than 1 dollar in return’, saysStevens in his blunt-titled book, Your Marketing Sucks. The author, Mark Stevens, who is anentrepreneur and CEO of MSCO Inc., argues that most companies don’t have a clue aboutgood marketing. According to Stevens, most marketing amount to ‘throwing thousand-dollarbills out the window’. That if the money spent on marketing is not bringing in money, thenthe marketing sucks. When an ad agency starts bragging about Clio Awards received, Stevenswrites, fire them. They should be in the business world to create attractive ads and logos thatwill generate sale out of the marketing activity. Stevens drives out that knowing the best wayto achieve the company’s overall objective, is the work of an Extreme Marketer. An ExtremeMarketer is someone who gets a return of investment from her extreme marketing activities.

Extreme marketing, according to Mark Stevens, is a process by which one will determinehow much will be spent on effective marketing campaign strategy and receive a positivereturn on the investment. The benefit would be-increase in income and it follows that there isbusiness growth. The business will have an increase in value which is the true measure of asuccessful business venture..

This book will teach the readers how to become an Extreme Marketer by touching onboth strategy and tactics. In a reasonable term and through examples, Stevens provides hisphilosophy on modern marketing and practical advice on how to fix the problems.. In YourMarketing Sucks, Stevens shows how to formulate an innovative and effective marketingplan and then check on the results. Spending a marketing budget should ensure that there is ameasurable return on marketing expenditure. This is an important book as a reference andguide for anyone who is interested to be a business owner whether his company is small orlarge. Business investors will know how to spend their money wisely and get a good returnon their investments.

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