Ziegenfelder Company

Published 31 Oct 2017

There are a number of business entities which are involved in the manufacture of food substance products in the United States of America, and they all seek to establish a better competitive advantage, by of attracting and retaining a high number of customers for their products. This research paper will focus on Ziegenfelder Company, which is involved in the manufacture of ice cream and other related products.

This is a private company started at around 1992 in the business of manufacturing and selling food substances, which are described as ice cream packs which are molded to sticks making them attractive to their customers in the United States of America. Ziegenfelder Company is located at a place called Wheeling in the United States of America. The company has the potential of making around 2 million twin popsicles in a single year, where its range of products include frozen ice novelties, eggs and milk as well as dairy products and egg substitutes. The annual sales from its popsicles are estimated at around 4 million, while in a single day with it’s around 20 employees it make up to 15,000 popsicles (Cahners Business Information, 2003).

The Ziegenfelder Company manufactures its products in a range of six flavors, which are termed as the rainbow array comprised of water ice kind of products. The flavors are comprised of cherry and grape, blue and orange as well as banana and raspberry, and finally lime. These twin pops are made available to the customers at the market place in the 18 count packages. As compared to the products of the companies which manufacture ice cream products, the company’s products are unique in that they can be used by a wide range of people like the whole family and they are also made to encompass the unique tastes such as raspberry, orange and blue among other flavors which consumers prefer to have in ice cream products (Cahners Business Information, 2003).

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The Ziegenfelder Company markets its products through its nationwide distribution channels, which have been in existence for over 18 years. Coupons are used as part of the techniques of promoting the products of the company, which are mainly termed as money saving coupons, considering the fact that they enable the consumers to make some small savings to purchase the ice cream products. In its marketing strategies, the company has managed to divide its record tracking system to a paper based system and to a technology based approach, which enables its management to make quick and effective follow ups for its products. Ziegenfelder Company has also adopted the use of clean wrappers, which makes their products attractive to their customers. Clean wrappers are cheap, easy to package and carry the ice cream products and its other products (Cahners Business Information, 2003).

Ziegenfelder Company sought to the use warehouses in there various locations, as part of their strategic plans of boosting their revenue returns by reducing the cost of shipping their products to their markets. The warehouses are convenient for the company, as they enable it to manufacture many products, which will wait to be dispatched to their different locations. Modern technology has also been encompassed in the storage of the products like the use of freezers, and other forms of preservation techniques which manage to sustain the company’s products for a long period of time (Cahners Business Information, 2003).

From the analysis made above in relation to Ziegenfelder Company it can be established that each and every company will seek to establish a better competitive position at the market place by manufacturing products which meet the needs and expectations of their customers thus creating value for their customers and eventually achieving a competitive edge over their competitors.


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