A Short Story by William Faulkner Titled “A Rose for Emily”

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“Rose for Emily”

This paper is meant to look at William Faulkner story called “Rose for Emily”. It is meant to discuss the plot and the point of view as they relate to other short stories.
The story of Rose for Emily speaks of a place called Jefferson where the story is based. It is a story about a woman who has aroused so much public interest apparently because of her history. This woman is called Emily a descendant of a great generation of Jeffersonian; Emily has current relatives who are children of her kin. Emily is a symbol of a person who falls from grace. The teller of the story shifts all the blame to the first two generations for the down fall of Miss Emily. They view Miss Emily’s downfall as a fault of the previous generations. He is especially critical of the way they treated her, and sees that as a reason for her bad ending. Miss Emily’s story is told all over the Jefferson. Emily’s house is symbol of glory that was lost. Because Emily’s fathers reputation her tax obligation for the town are suspended by the mayor. Emily’s was never married because her father always sent away every man that came asking for her hand in marriage. Emily’s father thought no man was fit enough to marry her daughter. Emily’s story became tale that was told in the area especially in gossips. Part of Miss Emily’s problems could be blamed on her stubbornness. Miss Emily opts to maintain status quo instead of changing. The most exacting thing about the story is how so many are interested in Miss Emily’s story. Most people had not seen the inside of her house which is evidence of her secret life, the description of the house is a sharp contrast to what it was then. The author creates mental pictures and images that are so really. Emily lived a very lonely life, her dead body was found inside her house. (Faulkner 77)
Emily hailed from a rich family; her father was much respected figure in the in Jefferson. She was brought I a strict family setup that did not allow experience. Her father was so rich he used, even the mayor of the town offered to exempt Emily’s from tax obligation in respect of her father’s previous contribution to society. However the authors thinks Emily’s downfall is hugely the mistake of her father style of authority over family. He turns all the men interested in Emily’s away. She grows up a frustrated woman and ends up living a lonely and a miserable live. The new regime recognizes the blunders made by the previous administration and see a need of change in the way of doing things. Emily’s story is the talk of the town; she is so famous in the town because she a living example of her father’s powerful ruling class. She breaks down to the point of being a laughing and talking subject of the Jefferson gossip mongers. (Faulkner 17)
Response II
Emily’s story is told by other women in the same town as her. There is also suspicion that the story might have been written as it was being narrated to a group of other women. The Emily’s story was the gossip of the town. The women belonged to different towns, where the rumors were spread even further when they returned to their respective towns. It shows that Emily’s story was a rumor which could hardly be believed. However from the story we realize that Emily was not adored but at same time not hated. The sources of Emily’s stories were not reliable making the stories a little unreal (Faulkner 77)

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