FAA Privatization Of The ATC System

FAA Privatization Of The ATC System
Aviation system which is used in USA is among the largest and safest in the world. Debates have emerged concerning privatizing it, having an aim of removing the current Federal Air Administration into a nonprofit institution aiming to provide more capital to be used in modernizing infrastructure. On September 11th, 2001, this privatization issue was brought to rim light by Congress but was countered by Bush administration. Over the years, there has been a struggle by FAA in modernizing American ATC system. Robert Poole states that FAA has ended up losing a lot of resources due to their slow innovation and technology adoption. This challenge has therefore necessitated privatization as the primary solution.
Privatization will improve Air industry through introduction of different competitive behavior in the marketplace. It would therefore change ATC face without having to consume a lot of time. It would also have a speedy modernization of infrastructure than the current public process, hence serve a higher departures number. Privatization is also self sufficient financially making it as an independent entity without the annual appropriation by the Congress. This system will hence be more efficient since it will be monitored and evaluated by private bodies.
Privatization will also separate ATC from the current regulatory duties by FAA making it safer for planes and pilots to fly. It will improve airspace condition by introducing better technologies. The US based control centers will move to a higher notch through privatization policy. Consumers and private corporation interaction will be assured through organization’s aim in marketing and profit generation. Since privatization will bring a faster airspace modernization, then all stakeholders should adopt it. Lastly, the inability of FAA to put the best air travel foundation, necessitates the need for privatization system adoption by the country.
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