Gay Marriages Presentation: The Impact of Microsystems

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Gay Marriages Presentation

The legalization of gay marriages is a controversial concern whose legalization has triggered vast opinions in American. Some American states are proponents to gay marriages while others totally disagree to gay marriages. Notably, gay marriage is legal at the federal level. All states have a legal obligation to comply with the rights of gays. The rights to gay marriages have been supported by Bronfenbrenner and Kohlberg’s theory that requires all people to enjoy on bold of the law.
Role played by the environment
According to Bronfenbrenner’s theory, the Microsystems or intermediate environments like schools, homes, community environments and peer groups have magnitude influence to children habits behaviors. Thus, the context in which children grow determine their character and behavior. Children are vulnerable to adopting intermediate social norms. Following this observation, children raised in societies practicing gay marriages are like to adopt it without realization. It is therefore not right to punish such children by illegalization of what they think and believe is right.
Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems
Other than the microsystem environment that affects human development, Bronfenbrenner notes other influential ecological systems that can influence decision making, believes and practices. Among the systems that he noted are mesosystem which involve people’s connections with more than one environment like home and school. Secondly, exosystem is the indirect environment involving living and nonliving things in a particular society. The macrosystem is the social and cultural values while the chronosystem are the changes that take place over time. All these ecological factors have the influence to gay marriages and should be analyzed before judgments against gay marriages.
Gay marriage connection to mesosystem
This is the stage where children are linked to the environment. A child will adopt and accept values shared by his or her peers. Thus, a child who learns that gay marriage is right from either a friend or member of the family is prone to accept is a social norm. On debates about the legalization of the gay marriages, an individual will support it with trust and loyalty. Peers influence most of the people who support gay marriages in America.
Connecting gay marriages with the exosystem
The indirect environment is a core contributor to gay marriages. He environment indirectly influence children development and eventually their habits. For instance, children raised in gay marriages lack various parental care which reduces parental guidelines concerning marriages. Nevertheless, legalization of gay marriages does not only affect adults but child development too.
The macrosystem and gay marriages
Social and cultural patterns greatly manifest in children’s behaviors, values, economic and political domains. Children brought up in religious background view gay marriages as evil while those in danger environment can tolerate it. Alternatively, religious and political affiliations influence children as they are the custodians of ethics and determine what is viewed to be right or wrong in the society. It is important to recognize that different communities have various beliefs; a reason why different children have different habits.
Chronosystem and gay marriages
Change and constancy in a child’s environment determine their behavior. Change can be exhibited in family structure, employment and address. For example, a parent who loses his job reduces the family income. As a result, a child’s practices for satisfaction can be affected. Secondly, change in a family structure following divorce can lead to gay marriages. If the gay marriage provides comfort to the child, then they are more likely to adopt the practice in future.

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