Host of the Talk Show “Oprah Winfrey Show”


? Oprah Winfrey is an American actress,
producer, talk show host as well as a
philanthropist (Harris & Watson, 2015).

? Her life is remarkably influence by the
societal factors (Newman & Newman, 2014).

? She is born from a humble background in a
family of low social status in the rural of

? Oprah is born of a single mother.

? It was out her family’s low economic status that
she got pregnant in her early teen (Guthrie,

? Her poor background and the rural location of
birth can be attributed to her molesting (Newman
& Newman, 2014).

? The economical status of Oprah and the physical
status caused sudden death of her son.

? Oprah also lived in Tennessee with a man whom
she referred him as his father (Guthrie, 2013).

? Oprah’s life is also incredibly influenced by
her education which a societal factor.

? It was as a result of her education that made
her to get a job of co-anchoring local news
(Newman & Newman, 2014).

? She got this job as a very amazing age of 19
years while she was still in high school.

? Political factor have also influenced her life in
an outstanding way.

? This was evident between 2006 and 2008.

? Her endorsement with Barrack Obama
produced more that million votes (Guthrie,

? Oprah has a matrilineal line of Kpelle ethnic
group. Oprah had a chance to learn in Nicolet
high school.

? The school formed a platform of rubbing
poverty off her face

? This was because she was able to ride in the
same school bus with fellow African-

? Poverty made Oprah to steal some money
from her mother.

? There is some aspect of religion in Oprah’s
life (Newman & Newman, 2014).

? She attended Baptist church. Religion
influenced her life in an amazing manner.

? She once tried starting her own religion.

? Guthrie, R. (2013). Oprah Winfrey and the
Trauma Drama:“What’s So Good About Feeling
Bad?”. In Presenting Oprah Winfrey, Her Films,
and African American Literature (pp. 45-78).
Palgrave Macmillan US.

? Harris, J., & Watson, E. (Eds.). (2015). The Oprah
Phenomenon. University Press of Kentucky.

? Newman, B. M., & Newman, P. R.
(2014). Development through life: A psychosocial
approach. Cengage Learning.

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