Iowa Wind Boom Highlights Transformation in Midwest

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Iowa wind boom highlights transformation in Midwest
Tomich,, Jeffrey. “GRID: Iowa Wind Boom Highlights Transformation In Midwest”. N.p., 2016. Web. 16 June 2016.
This is an article that appeared on Monday, May 9th, 2016, was facilitated for print by Jeffrey Tomich. This article addressed one of the most talked of environmental issues in the world, which is generalization of power from wind. The article mainly addressed the resources that are available in Iowa and the possible solutions that the city would take to make sure that it transforms into a better and reliable source of energy. This article is completely unbiased and is unique. The main reason behind this is that the article addresses real facts of the real situation at Iowa.
I agree with the contents of the article because of the way it is presented and the relevance of the ideas. It addresses the progress of a project that is set to be complete very soon in 2019. At the completion of this project, Iowa will be capable of getting forty percent of its electricity from wind. If I was to write about the same topic of power generalization, I would mainly focus my ideas on the importance of generating energy from wind rather than using other sources of energy. I would phrase my article in a way that the readers of the article get the seriousness and weight of the article. In writing it, matching the effects of pollution and advantages of using wind power would serve a great deal in the quality of the article.
This article has a lot of standing ideas that shows prove that the article is written to full quality. The reason is because the writer of the article first gives record or information of a meeting that was held to discuss the progress of the project and then proceeds to give the expectations of the project. The article further addresses the challenges that are expected to be seen in the completion of the project. In improving this article, I would make sure that I end the article with some recommendations that address the importance of wind power. The recommendations would be addressing general or global issues. The main reason behind this would be to make sure that most countries are in a place to put the same ideas into practice in the aim of eradicating environmental pollution.

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