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Listening better

This piece of writing is based on a video by Julian on 5 ways to listen better. According to Julian, listening is a mental process of extraction that involves making meaning from sound. This process of extraction involves use of pattern recognition to distinguish noise from signals. This piece seeks to give solutions on things that distract us from listening and also giving the definition of listening according to the speaker. This piece of writing also seeks to highlight on the situations when you don’t listen well.
According to Julian, there are three main things that distract us from listening. To begin with, we have invented several ways of recording. We have writing then video recording which has resulted into the disappearance of premium careful and accurate listening. Another factor that distracts as from listening is the fact of our world being very noisy which makes us to resort into using earphones and headphones. The much noise is a major distracter to our listening ability. Thirdly, the art of conversation is being replaced dangerously by personal broadcasting. We are becoming desensitized and the media has to scream at us in order to get our attention. It has become very difficult and challenging for us to pay attention to the settled, the quiet and the understated.
There are the situations when we do not listen well. For example when we are not silent or when we are not in a good listening position. Being in a good listening position improves your listening ability by a great percentage. There is also an acronym that can be used to make one a better listener. The acronym is RASA that stands for Receive, Appreciate, Summarize and Ask. Receive means that you pay attention then appreciate is meant to encourage the speaker. You are then required to summarize what you have heard and then ask anything that has not been clear or what you have not heard.

Treasure, J. (2011). Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better Video file.

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