Mise-en-Scène in “The Bride of Frankenstein”





Mise-en-Scène in the Bride of Frankenstein
The Bride of Frankensteinis an American horror movie which was directed by James whale. Staring in the movie is Boris Karloff as the monster; this movie also includes many mise en scenes, which is evident in its stage setting, the placement of actors and various features such as sound and religious symbols including the elements of visual design such positioning of the camera.
Sound in the movie is used to scare people for instance sounds of people coming and those of storm which assist to create a feeling of fear among people. Additionally, the multiple single scenes within the movie also show the aspect of mise en scene. In the shot, the viewer will easily identify the mood of the actor through the way he has been positioned and captured.
There are also a number of religious symbols in the in this shot for example, crosses that have been placed in the houses. There is also an aspect that reflects on blasphemy; in addition to whether creating the monster was good or bad.A very good example on how the monster used to play the role of god was creating of beings and bringing them to life.
There is also use of specific and unique camera angles, this assists the audience to predict and even know what was about to happen. The monster is rejected by everyone, and in the shot the monster is within the center of the flame. This is because; the cinematographer wants the audience’s attention to be here. The audience is able to have much focus on the monster and get connection between him and good.

Screen shot showing the monster; Boris Karloff, appearing within the center of the frame.

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