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Dual federalism is such that the state and federal governments are co-equals. In this type of rule, there is a narrow interpretation of the constitution. In this process, the jurisdiction of the federal government is only granted by the constitution and the charter limits its powers. Here, the states have more power. On the other hand, in cooperative federalism, the national government has supreme powers over the states. The dual political orientation is not entirely over, but most branches of the government in the United States practice cooperative ideologies. There was a slow but steady shift from dual federalism. However, the most change came in 1930 when there was a feeling of depression caused by social injustices. There was anew priority on liberties, civil rights, and labor. Amendments of the constitution and national laws have wiped out state powers. For example, the ability to stop voting rights. The end of the dual federalism is a cause of the expansion of the national government. There was an assumption that, the problems that were in existence were big and only the government was able to solve them. Another reason that led to the end of the dual federalism is that, at the conclusion of the civil war, most people started viewing the United States as a country rather than a union of nations. Before the conflicts, people were more loyal to theirparticular state, but after the civil war, the US was more of a country and thus, it switched to cooperative federalism.
Achievement of sustainability of the cooperative federalism is through the collective intrusion of the national and the state governments to solve problems. This collaboration enables the entities to make policies together. There is also the implementation of the federal programs by the state government. Another important aspect of cooperative political orientation is that there is efficient delivery of goods and services to the citizens of the country. This form of governance is still in practice, although it is part of other forms of ideologies. The current trend is moving towards less cooperation. This change is because of the introduction of the new Federalism by President Ronald Reagan. This form of governance started in 1981. The new focus was on devolution through giving money to the states and allowing them to use the cash at their own discretion. Personally, I would recommend dual federalism in the United States of American. This form of governance is more practical in the world today. This ideology enables the government to come closer to the people. It is easier to provide services to the citizens. Also, a dual federalism is in a good position to understand the needs of its people. The country is likely to pursue a government of the people. The probable form of government is the New Federalism. This political orientation is more concerned with Commerce Clause interpretation.
Reproductive Rights Debate
These are the rights of people to make decisions on reproduction. This includes a person’s right to terminate a pregnancy, get access to health services, and plan a family. Themovement for reproductive rights in the United States is filled with controversies because of the religious, ethical, and moral stand of family planning, abortion, and birth control. There is no explicit writing of reproduction rights in the U.S constitution, but the Supreme Court recognizes it as a personal right.Some rights such as abortion are illegal. However, in case there is a need to save someone’s life, termination of birth becomeslegal. Taking a case of Paraguay, 680 girls of ages between 10 and 14 gave birth in the year 2014.
For Roe, there is allowance for a woman to terminate her pregnancy. The argument is that a fetus growing in the womb is not a person and therefore, it has no legal right to life. Wade argued that life begins at conception. He urged people to provide constitutional rights to the unborn because they are living persons. The court agreed with Roe and gave the right for pregnancy termination. However, after the third trimester, the state agreed on the protection of the fetus. Thus, during the Roe v Wade debate, support almost went to Roe.

The Wade side should prevail. This is because life begins at conception and the fetus should have right to live. It is unethical to allow abortion and it is also against the morals of the church. Only God gives life and he is the only one with the right to take it away. The debate that is likely to cause controversies is the one on reproductive rights. Many people can argue that everyone should choose what pleases them. However, there is a reason to have control on the way human beings behave for the purposes of upholding good morals in the society. Parents should teach their children that abortion in a bad thing and that they should behave well to avoid such situations.

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