Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?



Should physician assisted suicide be legalized?

Should physician assisted suicide be legalized
Physician assisted suicide has been a controversial issue raising different opinions aimed at understanding the morally right approach to the issue. In the recent years, the issue has even become more complicated in United States where it remains legal. In clearly understanding the controversies underline in this issue, it is important to consider various teachings on what determines the morality of an act. It is therefore important to consider the famous theories such as utilitarianism and Kantian ethics in order to get a plausible approach to physician aided suicide. This paper strives to outline the different opinion in support and against euthanasia with a view to substantiating each claim in the context of America.
Those in favor of physician aided suicide for terminally persons mostly draw their arguments from utilitarian stand point. An act is morally right if it results to happiness and pleasure to a greatest number of people. Allowing terminally ill persons the right to die reduces suffering to themselves and their family member who bear the burden of taking care of them. Physician assisted suicide allows to leave the world in a dignified manner. Most importantly it cuts the expense of seeking medication and finally dies the natural way. In addition, arguing from natural law viewpoint, a person has absolute rights on their body and choosing to die lies under individual’s discretion. No any individual or authority has right on one’s natural rights, not even the government has power over such rights. Additionally, the doctor’s main purpose is to add in the quality of life by preventing or reducing suffering. Allowing a terminally sick person to die saves them of mental torture and physical suffering hence increasing the quality of their lives. In this sense keeping such patients in hospital waiting for uncertainty treatment does not make sense.
Those against euthanasia have their argument embedded on religious basis. For instance, it is believed that God is the source of life and has the power to take it. No one has right over their life and those of other persons. Allowing physician assisted suicide may have regrettable consequences as it may pose the possibility of persons acting in malice against terminally ill patients. Based on slippery slope argument, legalizing euthanasia may have unprecedented impacts on healthcare system. This may compel medical practioners to violate fundamental professional ethics. In addition, physicians are mandated to use all available treatment methods to alleviate suffering. On this standpoint, euthanasia is not a plausible way but a manifestation of doctors’ failure to offer healthcare.
I really agree with the motion to legalize physician assisted suicide for terminally I’ll persons. Euthanasia enables one lead a dignity life and die happily without being exposed to may suffering both mental and physical. However, there should be limitation in permitting euthanasia in a bid avoid slippery slope as stated earlier. Importantly, by legalizing euthanasia I will be a great move in saving time and resources wasted by terminally ill persons who eventually die. This motion is supported by majority and I therefore join other like indeed persons to push for its legalization. However, the limitations expected upon its legalization should be addressed prior to passing the bill. This will ensure that the practice is for the betterment of humanity.

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