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SAP Company is the world largest provider of enterprise application software and was designed to assist all sizes of businesses to have a better way of operating. All processes in business are incorporated in one system of SAP since it integrates all the companies’ functions together.SAP help to provide a solution in operations such as materials management, logistics execution, production planning, sales and distribution and quality management. Financials such as management accounting, financial accounting, and supply chain management are also included in the sap system. SAP also assists in human capital management such as e-Recruiting and payroll (Gruber, 2014.
Name, location and services offered by Coca-Cola Company

The coca cola is one of the companies that have utilized the sap system in its operations for the last sixteen years. The company is located in Atlanta Georgia where it has its headquarters, and it is a multinational beverage corporation from America. The company manufactures syrups and nonalcoholic beverage concentrations such as fruit juices sports drinks and soft drinks. The company also distributes its products in different parts of the world. The company has had its operation through a system of franchised distribution since 1889 and this means that the company only plays a part in producing the syrup concentrate which is later sold to different bottlers in different parts of the world (Gruber, 2014. The company is best known for its product the Coca-Cola drink.
Departments of coca cola Company that utilizes sap and how they utilize sap

The supply chain management of the Coca-Cola departments that utilize sap in its operation and the coca cola enterprise which distributes the coca cola products uses sap to deploy a new solution to supply chain management to all its European plants. The system helps to automate and replace most of the supply chain processes of the department. The Genesys program which is integrated SAP ERP helps in replacing the department processes of order, requisition to payment and record the report (Gruber, 2014. The system also allows the CCE to shorten the cycle time that are in these processes and also help them to be more productive. The system also assists help to improve decision making and also help to increase visibility in the business. The system also assists to eliminate the inefficiencies that are experienced by this department and also automate most of the extended processes between manufacturers and retailers. The application also helps to improve the vending machine management, having the support for uploading directly and downloading of sales information.
The HR SAP software system

Human resource SAP software is one of the important modules found in the ERP SAP system that is used to provide support for all the process of the human resource management found in the enterprise (Gruber, 2014. It also records data from when an employee is hired to the final termination in an organization. It also keeps the data of an employee such as role, working shifts, salary, and designation.SAP HR is further subdivided into many modules which are time management, payroll, personal development, personal ministrations and payroll.
How HR is integrated into sap and the HR system used in the company

The HR is integrated into SAP since sap system is a single application that brings together all the core business functions in a company.  Through success factors which are is finished, cloud technology that is based on core HR systems of records that usually combine processes, HR transactions and data with social collaboration characteristics and mobile functionality. It is a flexible technology and standard –based which help to be deployed at an organization pace (Gruber, 2014. This flexible technology also extends to employee’s central payroll. The coca cola uses the organizational management human system for enabling the company to analyze the current plan, make additional plans and also create a better workflow in management.
Using of sap software in a company bring numerous benefits that the company can enjoy. This is because the sap software integrates all the core business functions across the whole company, unlike other software solutions that are available and hence eliminate the requirement for complex integration of the many multiples and separate installation. This help a company to improve its efficiency, grow the company, make faster
Gru?ber, S. (2014). Intangible values in financial accounting and reporting: An analysis from the
perspective of financial analysts.

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